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    I hate the sport of the rich.

    That is, I hate golf.

    But I have been following it since I was six years of age attempting to follow the tiny

    ball on a black and white?


    Who cares.

    But around 1995 I became interested in the U.S. Amateur Golf Tournament by accidently

    hitting the wrong button on a remote.

    And here was this 'Black' kid winning the tournament?

    I discovered that this kid had already won one Amateur Tournament and he had also

    won the NCAA Amateur Tournament.

    You can check out the stats at Wiki of course

    But this kid won three Amateur Tournaments besides his NCAA Tournament by 1996.

    Anyhow, by 1997 the kid hit the Masters.

    It was not his first appearance because he had been invited two years prior for his

    previous Amateur victories.

    In 1996 Tiger had gone 'pro' as they say and the money just streamed in.

    And of course he won three PGA sponsored tournaments in that year.


    Today was a huge day in regard to the hsitory of golf.

    And it was difficult to discover why because we have the World Series, we have 

    NFL Football....But

    Nobody gives a damn about golf.

    And recall that normally I could give one goddamn about golf.

    But the PGA had sponsored this strange ZOZO tournament in Japan recently.

    And Tiger, after his latest (6th?) surgery on his knee, won the goddamn tournament.

    Hands down, as they say.


    Because Tiger has now tied Sam Snead with 82 career wins as far as sponsored

    tournaments by the PGA.

    And recall that Snead might have attended some tournaments with friends.....

    Ah forget that line.

    Look, Tiger has made history.

    And whether one emphasises his 'Blackness' or his 'Asian' ancestry, this guy has upended

    all stats in the history of golf.


    Or yesterday depending upon your position with regard to the International Dateline.


    Why does a tie count?

    Because Tiger has 15 Majors--however you count that category.

    Snead has 7?


    Because Tiger won 3 national Amateur Tournaments.

    And Snead didn't.

    Because Tiger beats Nicklaus by more than ten!

    Because Tiger is number 3 in the European all time list of winners.

    Because, Tiger is Tiger.

    Look here:

    My only point really is that if this win had occurred in April or May, the sports world would have gone nuts.

    But do not worry.

    Tiger wins another in April or May of next year, the banners will be flying.

    the end

    Why do I even care about this shit?

    I have no idea, but I have been rooting for Tiger for almost 25 years.









    Again, with the news concerning the NBA and the World Series and the highly rated NFL as well as the NHL, this Woods' victory is almost lost.

    I have been searching the Web and discovered many fine essays, but this was the best so far:


     Several pundits chime in.

    I am corrected on several points including the fact that Tiger as won three times in 13 months.

    Oh, and my favorite stat is that Tiger, after all these years is 'batting' 222!

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