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    You Make Us Proud To Be Daggers, Mr. Day (Corrected)

    Dick's last blog was about Tiger Woods, in October.  There was one before that, and this one before that:

    I can only think we've lost him ... but I'm sure he knew how much we always loved him.  Here, there and everywhere in between.  Wonder how they count reads and comments wherever he is now?

    I know this is probably silly.  But I had to say goodbye somehow.

    EDIT:  Presumptions are worth nothing more than a grain of salt.  Suffice it to say that my seasoning sucks.


    PS - Thanks to Peracles for (almost) single-handedly keeping Creative Corner afloat.  Mr. Smith would be proud. 

    Oh, please no. He's disappeared for stretches before, but never for this long. Has anyone heard anything?

    Alan and he were good friends ( via e-mail, etc. but never met) for a very long time, so he's been trying to get in touch.  Many times.  I wish we knew how to contact his son.

     I don't know why Michael deleted his comment with link to the obituary, but since Richard posted here under his own name and was never shy about sharing his location, it's public knowledge and available to anyone with research skills. I noted that they take moderated condolence comments right on the Star Tribune page, if anyone wants to leave one, it will be around as long as the Star Tribune keeps an archive online. And the family will probably get a notice to look at it.

    Note this one there, it does sound like he was pretty happy near the end

    Colleen Wold Hiebeler

    February 8

    I had just visited with him a few weeks ago. He was talking about his family and how proud he was of them. He was always so easy to talk to. He obviously adored Mary Ann. He told me he was pretty lucky that she was feeling so much better. He had a wonderful life force. God bless Richard. Love to the family, Colleen also has a short entry placed by the funeral home, but it doesn't have any comments.

    I don't think this is our Dick. The biographical details don't line up with what I know about him. That's why I deleted my comment.

    I'm sorry, Mike.


    Reality sucks.


    Maybe you're right?  I'm so falling apart ...

    We all are these days. And you're right to be worried.

    Mike you are right.  That is not our Richard.  He was a couple of years younger then me, so that would have made him 70 years old last month. One of his granddaughter's name was Noel.  Also he had no great grand children. The obit doesn't fit him in anyway. 

    Sorry if I messed things up--just trying to help. Mike could certainly delete it if he feels it appropriate.

    Also, I think Dick lives northern Minnesota, not the Minneapolis area. And that obit only mentions daughters, no son.

    You can do whatever you feel is appropriate with your comments. I just deleted mine because I thought Dick might find it strange to read his own memorial at dag. I thought that I caught my mistake before anyone else had seen it, but I guess not. Anyway, I'd hope that Dick would take it in stride like Mark Twain.

    The good news is that I didn't see any obits for our Dick, so I'm hopeful that he's still with us. I do wish he'd come by to say that he's OK, though.

    According to Alan, he grew up in the Twin Cities (not sure where he was born); practiced law and raised his family in St. Paul.  Something happened and he lost everything - he mentioned that on occasion and Alan remembers him talking about having sever seizures during that time  - and he had a friend in Virginia, MN who "took him in".  That's where he's lived since.

    Dick, if you're reading this, tell me it's all none of my business!  ;-)

    I've been wondering about Dick lately. I  found some notes he'd written me when I highlighted a piece he wrote and left the link on my sidebar for a long time. He's a dear man and I worry about him. (Present tense, not past. Not yet.)  I talked to Missy today via Linkedin and decided to come see my old pals. And then I find this! Wow!

    Good to know you're all looking out for him. I'll be no help--sorry--but I'll check in to see what's happening. I miss him, too.

    Anyway, Hi! I apologize for staying away for so long. I come and visit now and then but, honestly, I don't feel as if I can add anything to your superb discussions! Besides, you guys scare me. Ha!

    Take care. I'll see you again. Maybe very soon.


    I absolutely feel your hand in mine, Ramona.  I can't add anything more.

    I know. We're all feeling sad and anxious right now. I want Dick to be safe.

    thanks for stopping by Ramona, take care, stay away from the rona

    edit to add: appreciate any admission of lurking as then it seems a little less like we are baying at the moon. wink

    My husband and I have become hermits now. We're both kind of vulnerable so we're only getting out when it's absolutely necessary. I honestly don't mind it. I guess I'm a hermit at heart!

    I don't really mean to lurk and then leave, it's just that I have nothing to offer, so I'll be the audience. Everybody needs an audience. LOL. 

    Me too on the hermit thing, totally understand. It's my natural self that I forced to submerge for decades. Though there's a TON of downsides to this mess, one upside: everyone let go of the rat race to be physically social, i.e. "networking", all went online, and you can more easily even hide from that if you want

    Watched "Don Juan de Marco" tonight - may or may not fit your mood of hermitness and later romance... Odd watching a pretty stunning Depp performance while he goes through a messy trial in (much older) real life.

    Sometimes responses are without logic, but are nonetheless apt.

    Well, the Ramona role/inspiration I envisioned - hermit of the heart - was played by Faye Dunaway, now that you have me going away spoilers!

    Ramona is not a role ... though if she's an inspiration it is one that cannot be easily captured by a movie.

    Hmm, I'm not that literal or deep. Just think of it as a passing thought.

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