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    The Week in Political Dick Moves : Jun 28 - Jun 30

    Yes, it is only Wednesday, but damn there have been some big  politcal Dick moves so far this week.

    Dick Move Number One:  Scott Brown, I know he thinks he is a political kingmaker, but seriously, he just comes off as a dick. Let's be perfectly honest, Scott Brown, on the days he thinks at all, has no idea what finacial reform means. I am going to quote someone much smarter than I am about this, I am quoting gawkers comment of the day yesterday and it was all about Scott Brown yesterday, he held the floor with is political Dick Move. Thanks for foisting him on us Massholes.  There's no way a tricked out shit pimp like Scott Brown understands the first thing about major finance, or legislation. After eating seven slices of bacon for breakfast and doing his power bowflex routine, he probably sits down in his office for forty five minutes while the two ambitious Harvard graduates who run his affairs explain to him the day's agenda which constitutes what things he will say and what he will vote on what. StJohnPeeps, gawker commenter extraordinaire.

    The Hill Blog: GOP complains for Banks, Democrats, back down, Scott Brown, now believes he is large and in charge.

    This takes us to Dick Move Number Two: all the Thurgood Marshall hate by Republicans at the Elena Kagan hearings. Were they seriously trying to make sure no black person ever votes Republican, ever. They certainly looked like the puny little men filled with hate. What the hell Republicans, is that all you had, was to attack a man who has been dead 17 years? My god, that Jeffrey Beauregaurd Sessions even attacked Brown V Board, because of course, Thurgood Marshall won that case, before Earl Warren's Supreme Court, and as a southernor, I suppose Sessions still opposes that decision.  Seriously? Is this all they bring to the table? I noticed yesterday Republicans dropped their attack on Thurgood Marshall. I wonder if someone told them how badly it made them look.

    Steve Kornacki of Salon did a good job covering this.

    Dick Move Number Three: LATimes blogger was outed by Salon's Alex Pareene as a Republican Operative, he worked for Bush and Schwartzenegger.  Of course the LA Times didn't bother to let anyone know. You know, so the appearance of their bloggers would be neutral and not leaning right, wait, crazy right wing freakdom.

    Dick Move Number Four: But perhaps in the most astoundingly dumb politcial Dick move was this morning on CNBC, a cable station seemingly filled with dicks, but their head dick, Rick Santelli, this morning actually had another one of his screaming meltdowns. This time he screams at contributor and guest Steve Liesman, when Liesman says that Tax Cuts won't bring more revenue. It was quite awesome to see, video via thinkprogress youtube channel.

    Enjoy the video it is something to see.


    Wait, tax cuts won't bring more revenue? I don't think you understand how the magic works! See, first we cut the taxes, then the hard-working CEOs decide that it's worth their effort to work even harder, thus raising the tax base, resulting in an increase in tax revenues! It's beautiful. For example, let's say the top CEOs are paying 30% income tax (on their taxable income, of course). Now, if you cut taxes to 15%, they'll be motivated to work 3 times as hard, thus bringing in 50% more revenue, since 1/2 * 300% = 150%. (Just think how much more revenue you could bring in by cutting taxes to zero!)

    Sometimes you just have to have faith.

    I know, Santelli, that dude is offensive, which is a personaity disorder all those PaulTards and Greenbeck acolytes are afflicted with.

    Um, sarcastic much? Obviously, you didn't get the free unicorn that came with the tax cuts.

    Me, sarcastic.. come on, never.. Laughing

    Wait, there are free Unicorns? I missed out again.

    Haha. I was talking to Atheist, but you've got the sarcasm bug too! Maybe if A just prayed a little harder, he'd get that unicorn AND economic growth.

    Yes that hit me after I posted it, then I said to myself... "dufus, that wasn't a comment to you.. but then I said to myself.. oh well... maybe no one would catch that...

    Oh wrong again.Surprised

    Unfortunately, they sent me the invisible pink variety, so I haven't been able to locate it.

    Those invisible pink unicorns are the best kind... if you can find them.

    It is however, a great religion.

    According to boneheads like Santelli, only one side of the Laffer curve actually exists.

    TM, check your headline. You'll want to make it Politically correct.

    I do, are you sure? I need a suggestion then.

    PS, my boys really really loved the title, they gave me their stamp of approval.  Surprised


    Thank you. Embarassed

    Nooo. You just made it worse. Or are you toying with me?

    I thnk somethng's wrong with your montor, acanuck. It shows up qute clearly and correctly as poltcal on mne. Maybe you need to reboot your computer.

    Tk yr dvc, nd nw vrythng dsplys fn. Thnks, thst.

    Hàppÿ tø bé øf sérvîcé.

    I think I need glasses or something or else I need to quit using my net book... damn.. how many more typo's can we find...I want to know and I don't want to know all at the same time.


    Spellchecks aren't perfect, but would have caught these typos. You can then cut and paste your text into the dagblog boxes, by way of Notepad or Wordpad to strip off extraneous codes and fonts. (I learned the Notepad trick only after being publicly embarrassed by Genghis.)

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