Another example of White Privilege. Oops. Another example of how things can turn out if you can afford expensive lawyers.


    Then there's the privilege for felons living in a city with lenient prosecutors; he's counting, he's got tweets on all 58 before this one (I may be wrong, but I don't think a single one had white skin, if there were any, it was one or two):

    The 59th person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while on felony bond?

    Davion Fountain, on bond for being a felon in possession of a handgun, allegedly shot at his ex's car, killing a man in the back seathttps://t.co/9CCkc4Di01

    — CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) December 16, 2021

    seen from another angle

    poster boy for how to fuck up using privilege

    Leading from his behind (is #TakeASeat trending?)


    cross-link to real privilege, getting away with murder due to cop incompetence. rule of law is not something to shake a fist at...goes all ways...

    No white privilege here - white woman gets 93 days in the hoosegow after giggling and smirking during victim family statement. Do note the many whypipple who are supportive of the action in the replies on twitter to the point of saying they would like to see more of the same; yes, I do believe they would like to see ALL people be in fear and awe of our justice system-guess that's their little idiosyncrasy and they're sticking to it?

    Not in Wayne County Courtroom 502. A drunk driver killed a young man. As the victim’s sister was speaking, the driver’s family began to laugh over the death and sister’s grief. This judge was not having it. Decency in 502. pic.twitter.com/vu6AQou4n2

    — (@LanceUSA70) December 27, 2021

    Hard agree:

    “Identity politics” is a misnomer. The reality is that the majority of Americans place little value in their race as a source of identity, and the ones who do incorrectly claim that everyone in their group also does. Just call it “race politics.” Race as identity is just sad.

    — Kenny Xu (@kennymxu) January 12, 2022

    Economic class, job class and generation-from-immigration-date, if any, are examples that are far more defining as to identity and more fruitful for political analysis.  And those also deal very strongly with "privilege"

    9x longer than George Floyd in a much worse position - why no protests?


    #1, No viral video to pump emotions

    #2. Doesn't pump any favored woke narrative. (Especially lacking the crucial skin color factor)

    #3. Didn't happen during a fast developing pandemic with bored young people stuck at home without socialization

    Edit to add: Reason magazine has a consistently libertarian ethos, while the BLM movement, on the other hand, was loathe to admit to the cognitive dissonance and illogic of its calls for defunding blue city law enforcementl that was a very libertarian self-protection thing. The result: massive increase in gun ownership in expectation of breakdown in rule of law.

    It's commonly rather difficult to combine libertarian ethos with being a pro-big-government Democrat, you're either one or the other, they contradict. Being pro-law-and-order, rather than pro-wild-west, always did have a better fit with classic liberal Democratic principles. It's fucking odd and basically a travesty that conservative Republicans ending up owning that meme.

    p.s. I think the effect of viral video from cell phones, especially of unlawful activity, is still massively underestimated. 

    Orwell got the syndrome

    but not this part: extremely populist, chaotic-anarchic and libertarian

    The law-breaking/citizens investigating dyad over Jan 6 is especially intriguing.

    Anyone with brains could predict this was going to happen:

    Race-based medical guidance...

    On the one hand, its mere existence is a colossal gift to Trump and the Right.

    On the other hand, it accomplishes nothing

    Liberal political suicide in its purest form. https://t.co/lxF8kK207s

    — Alice (@AliceFromQueens) January 16, 2022

    I am getting bad memories of the word Tuskegee being used for all manner of discussions on Dagblog.

    Anyone who is surprised that Trump picked up on this is a fool. He's expert at picking out 'privilege' memes among the bigger culture warriors library and flipping them to victim memes; it's one of the things he does best. It's a basic Trump tool going back to before he was in politics and in politics it gains him many acolytes that are not natural Republicans.

    A good question about nurture not nature -

    To paraphrase Carville: It's the culture, stupids.

    um, who exactly are the racists in the U.S.?

    Whites have a lower ingroup bias than every other racial group in America.

    Actually, they also have a stronger negative ingroup bias (eg, people like you) than every other racial group in America. pic.twitter.com/kcJAsi3h0p

    — Antidotal (@JohnFMiller86) January 18, 2022

    Ever consider the possibility that NOT being a racist is one way people gain what's called "privilege"? And the tribal, racist types are the ones a lot of other people and institutions disdain?

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