Another example of White Privilege. Oops. Another example of how things can turn out if you can afford expensive lawyers.


    Then there's the privilege for felons living in a city with lenient prosecutors; he's counting, he's got tweets on all 58 before this one (I may be wrong, but I don't think a single one had white skin, if there were any, it was one or two):

    The 59th person accused of killing, trying to kill, or shooting someone in Chicago this year while on felony bond?

    Davion Fountain, on bond for being a felon in possession of a handgun, allegedly shot at his ex's car, killing a man in the back seathttps://t.co/9CCkc4Di01

    — CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) December 16, 2021

    seen from another angle

    poster boy for how to fuck up using privilege

    Leading from his behind (is #TakeASeat trending?)


    cross-link to real privilege, getting away with murder due to cop incompetence. rule of law is not something to shake a fist at...goes all ways...

    No white privilege here - white woman gets 93 days in the hoosegow after giggling and smirking during victim family statement. Do note the many whypipple who are supportive of the action in the replies on twitter to the point of saying they would like to see more of the same; yes, I do believe they would like to see ALL people be in fear and awe of our justice system-guess that's their little idiosyncrasy and they're sticking to it?

    Not in Wayne County Courtroom 502. A drunk driver killed a young man. As the victim’s sister was speaking, the driver’s family began to laugh over the death and sister’s grief. This judge was not having it. Decency in 502. pic.twitter.com/vu6AQou4n2

    — (@LanceUSA70) December 27, 2021

    Hard agree:

    “Identity politics” is a misnomer. The reality is that the majority of Americans place little value in their race as a source of identity, and the ones who do incorrectly claim that everyone in their group also does. Just call it “race politics.” Race as identity is just sad.

    — Kenny Xu (@kennymxu) January 12, 2022

    Economic class, job class and generation-from-immigration-date, if any, are examples that are far more defining as to identity and more fruitful for political analysis.  And those also deal very strongly with "privilege"

    9x longer than George Floyd in a much worse position - why no protests?


    #1, No viral video to pump emotions

    #2. Doesn't pump any favored woke narrative. (Especially lacking the crucial skin color factor)

    #3. Didn't happen during a fast developing pandemic with bored young people stuck at home without socialization

    Edit to add: Reason magazine has a consistently libertarian ethos, while the BLM movement, on the other hand, was loathe to admit to the cognitive dissonance and illogic of its calls for defunding blue city law enforcementl that was a very libertarian self-protection thing. The result: massive increase in gun ownership in expectation of breakdown in rule of law.

    It's commonly rather difficult to combine libertarian ethos with being a pro-big-government Democrat, you're either one or the other, they contradict. Being pro-law-and-order, rather than pro-wild-west, always did have a better fit with classic liberal Democratic principles. It's fucking odd and basically a travesty that conservative Republicans ending up owning that meme.

    p.s. I think the effect of viral video from cell phones, especially of unlawful activity, is still massively underestimated. 

    Orwell got the syndrome

    but not this part: extremely populist, chaotic-anarchic and libertarian

    The law-breaking/citizens investigating dyad over Jan 6 is especially intriguing.

    Anyone with brains could predict this was going to happen:

    Race-based medical guidance...

    On the one hand, its mere existence is a colossal gift to Trump and the Right.

    On the other hand, it accomplishes nothing

    Liberal political suicide in its purest form. https://t.co/lxF8kK207s

    — Alice (@AliceFromQueens) January 16, 2022

    I am getting bad memories of the word Tuskegee being used for all manner of discussions on Dagblog.

    Anyone who is surprised that Trump picked up on this is a fool. He's expert at picking out 'privilege' memes among the bigger culture warriors library and flipping them to victim memes; it's one of the things he does best. It's a basic Trump tool going back to before he was in politics and in politics it gains him many acolytes that are not natural Republicans.

    A good question about nurture not nature -

    To paraphrase Carville: It's the culture, stupids.

    um, who exactly are the racists in the U.S.?

    Whites have a lower ingroup bias than every other racial group in America.

    Actually, they also have a stronger negative ingroup bias (eg, people like you) than every other racial group in America. pic.twitter.com/kcJAsi3h0p

    — Antidotal (@JohnFMiller86) January 18, 2022

    Ever consider the possibility that NOT being a racist is one way people gain what's called "privilege"? And the tribal, racist types are the ones a lot of other people and institutions disdain?

    There was an article in American Affairs journal that asked aloud why race relations in the United States are so intractable. After all, there is a sizeable amount of African migrants all across Europe and other parts of the world and it seems to hardly ever be the major social issue anywhere but the United States.

    I always thought that population demographics explain a lot about racial politics in the United States. The white population has been declining for a very, very long time. This should explain the lack of a cohesive narrative for a demographic that doesn't even think that reproducing itself or keeping its families together and safe is of any value.

    The black American population does not decline or grow. It stays static, at about the same ratio of the general population from back in the Wendall Wilkey's time to now. This should explain why black America's narratives are so myopic, ignorant and self-obsessive - it's a population that largely stays in the same place and just lets the rest of the world move around it. Even if the rest of the world is struggling as it moves, all black America sees are a whole bunch of people moving while they sit still. Hince "privilege."

    Then there is the Hispanic population. Much like the Muslim population in France (where statistics on race are banned), the official statistics likely hide how large the Hispanic population in the US really is. Donald Trump knew this. It's why he flirted with anti-black racism while Obama was still president but ran on fear of a growing Hispanic population as president.

    Static by region the last 20-25 years


    And Pew Research says they're changing and growing


    Who knows what drives what - i blame it on the Internet.

    In a country that as a whole has become diverse and intermarried, the ratio of population that identifies as black is not dramatically higher than it was in 1940:

    According to census reports, the black undercount was estimated at 8.4 percent in 1940, meaning that a population counted at 12.9 million was more like 14.1 million.

    In 2020:

    The Black or African American in combination population grew by 88.7% since 2010. In 2020, the Black or African American alone population (41.1 million) accounted for 12.4% of all people living in the United States, compared with 38.9 million and 12.6% in 2010.

    At their core, at least a sizeable portion of African Americans don't actually think that anything has changed since 1940s and that most white Americans, even if they are immigrants from Syria or Kazahkstan, are Ku Klux Klan until proven otherwise and that other minority groups that are perplexed by that outlook just don't understand their experience. The fact that that Syrian immigrant might be thinking more about his own issues is a bit too complex for such an outlook.

    It's not a rational outlook and doesn't make a whole lot of sense but good luck ever challenging it. 

    We spend a disproportionate amount of time obsessing over the issues of a population that, over centuries, hasn't even cracked 15% of the population. The popular narratives of many African American intellectuals like Ibram X. Kendi or Ta-Nehesi Coates even tacitly admit that this obsessing has been a big waste of time, because, despite all of it, America is as systemically racist as ever. The problem is intractable and unchangeable and we should reverse integration altogether in exchange for "intentional spaces" and pushing back "whiteness." According to such people, not only has nothing changed since 1940 but we need to bring back the segregation of that era too.

    I have heard African Americans call African immigrants "privileged" and I've seen racial tension in workplaces where there were literally no white people. The problem is with the people who say there is a problem. They don't know how to live without the problem and are interested in making sure it extends as long as possible, because they know a world that moves on will move on from them.

    Huh? Look at black by region - African–Americans as percentage of total population (1790–2020) by U.S. state. Huge shifts. You miss it in aggregate.

    Any change in regional demographics over that time period probably accounts for the Great Migration. Subsequently, the small increase in population from 1940s to now likely accounts for the Baby Boom generation, in which the population swelled across the board in the US.

    Beyond that, there is no growth, and oddly enough (unlike white America) no real decline either, among African Americans. They are generally just in the same place as 1940 and that's why black intellectuals sound like it's still 1940 even if everyone else thinks the moon and the stars themselves have changed since then. 

    There is a strength and a sort of conservatism to African Americans stay so resolute in what they say about themselves. 

    Please look at the numbers I've posted in the 2 links. There's been a halt and reverse migration - not as huge as the first, but still. When the Rust Belt had problems, a lot of change. They are *not* just in th same place as 1940.

    From Pew, nearly half of black households made over $50k, # of black Bachelor degrees doubled since 2000 (23% have degrees, 9% have advanced degrees), migration out of the South bottomed out in the 1970s and increased slightly since, likely reflecting on Civil Rights gains, overall acceptance, improved jobs there, and perhaps downturns in Midwest and Northeast markets. And quite frankly, it's hard to freeze to death in the South, however bad it all gets. Median age for blacks rose 5 years to 35 since 2000 (more conservative now?), 25% are GenZ plus 10% are immigrants.

    But if I look at the Wikipedia link, significant increase of black percentage around the Rust Belt states since the 70s and before, perhaps more due to decrease in white population heading south to Texas et al (including non-union auto plants in Alabama/Tennessee). Georgia fared better than other southern states, kind of obviously.

    One data point, re: African immigrants to the U.S.cheeky

    appreciate all the input  very much, Orion; very interesting to have the thoughts of someone with your independent political sympathies and history and in your age group with your experience on the west coast


    Here is something I will admit: while there is no growth in population, African Americans somehow avoid the steep decline of white America. That means there may be a sort of strength to the mentality, at least as far as dealing with white America is concerned. When America is one day populated by immigrants who have no inclination or historical reason to care about their grievances, you may hear something different.

    Since both Orion and PP are discussing the percentage of "blacks" in the population, actually the news on that front as far as the 2020 CENSUS SAYS THEY WENT DOWN IN PERCENTAGE of the population

    FWIW the number is no longer around 13% it's 12.4%

    from census.gov (note that there are probably a greater number of people choosing to declare themselves mixed race, while others, like say, of Puerto Rican heritage with dark skin might chose to declare as Hispanic, etc.)

    Black or African American Population

    The Black or African American in combination population grew by 88.7% since 2010.

    • In 2020, the Black or African American alone population (41.1 million) accounted for 12.4% of all people living in the United States, compared with 38.9 million and 12.6% in 2010.
    • Coupled with the 5.8 million respondents who identified as Black or African American in combination with another race group, such as White or American Indian and Alaska Native, the Black or African American alone or in combination population totaled 46.9 million people (14.2% of the total population) in 2020.
    • While the Black or African American alone population grew 5.6% since 2010, the Black or African American in combination population grew 88.7%. 

    even if one has some belief in conspiracy theories about the 2020, like it or not, that's the percentage that's going to be used now by political pollsters and the like and in legal situations, etc.

    Personally I suspect any changes in  percentage of racial identification are mostly due to changing sensibilities towards racial I.D. than like, Trumpsters screwing it up. People were still allowed to chose what race they report as they have long done, it's not like the census taker was deciding for them what race they are.

    Latino immigrants basically think they've become privileged!?!

    Would be nice:

    Mho, this is more than just horseshit, though, it's reinforcement of fantasies of paranoid victimology....

    The Economist says it aloud, with a poll to back it up

    with this conclusion:

    In balancing America’s relative faults and virtues, self-identifying independents tracked much more closely with Republicans than with Democrats. Since elections tend to hinge on the votes of independents, this suggests that Democratic pessimism may be self-defeating. On matters of American exceptionalism, some blue voters could do with more shades of grey.

    Uh, no, it shows perhaps MSNBC is welcoming.

    But it does make a point that we extrapolate micro experiences to the entity at large. A European intern has a great summer in New York, maybe a side trip to Florida or Utah, so she thinks all of America is grand.

    Cheslie Kryst, who won the Miss USA crown in 2019, is dead after a Sunday morning fall from her high-rise home in New York City ... TMZ has confirmed. https://t.co/q8qudH8Jlx

    — TMZ (@TMZ) January 30, 2022

    My. God.

    This young woman was part of the trifecta of black women who reigned in three of the world’s largest pageants.

    She looked perfect on the night she won. She had her whole life in front of her. She was stunning and successful and ready for th… https://t.co/l9cl94U7Kw pic.twitter.com/eQNYvdPivI

    — Shannon Denean (@ShannonDenean) January 31, 2022

    Checked my email and so happened to see a PR email announcing the death of @CheslieKryst, Miss USA 2019. pic.twitter.com/8LXHXMhMyt

    — Jasmine Styles (@JasmineStylesTV) January 30, 2022

    edit to add from the TMZ article ...She was an attorney and after winning the title, she also worked as a correspondent for Extra.She used her Miss USA platform to speak out about social and criminal justice reform. She once joined us on "TMZ Live" to discuss that very topic....

    BUT this is her self-description on her Twitter account  I interview famous people for a living. Also, shop my store. New York, NY shop.whitecollarglam.com

    But she seemed to be having fun (more than lawyering) and quite together.

    (the Met Gala didn't seem like hardship...)

    While her description of microaggression wasn't serious rankled, just annoyed. A sad event in whatever case.

    If she doesn't have a sense of privilege, I don't know who does, reminds me of Putin in a way:

    this guy's comment, while expressed with a racist attitude, is nonetheless is making a strong point:


    p.s. It goes way beyond a "Karen", it's more like a term my mother used to use, from a phrase probably learned from the radio in the Depression as a child of Polish-speaking immigrants on a farm: "who do you think you are, the 'Queen of Sheba'?"

    Conclusion: "white privilege" is a made-up bullshit narrative. It has nothing to do with race. The correct narrative for these stories: some people act like they think they are the Queen of Sheba and are owed kowtowing to their needs and other don't. Probably the demographic with the largest percentage of people who act like this are not "white women", but "two-year-old humans."

     More has-money-for-good-lawyers PRIVILEGE:

    Whole thread on the privileged white women from back in the day when they were part of the British Empire, colonizing and oppressing

    rich, white, with an elite degree, and expressing remorse:

    Beverly Hills anti-vaccine doctor sentenced to prison for Capitol riot https://t.co/JTt7gbvqp5

    — CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) June 17, 2022

    ...U.S. District Judge Christopher Cooper in Washington, D.C., also sentenced Dr. Simone Gold to 12 months of supervised release after her 60-day prison term and ordered her to pay a $9,500 fine. She can report to prison at a date to be determined.

    Gold, a former emergency room physician, said she deeply regrets entering the Capitol during the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, and didn't intend to get involved in an event that was "so destructive to our nation."

    "It's the opposite of who I am," she told Cooper....

    white rich people get away with everthing in this systemically racist society:

    Spot on! Calling out black privilege, an incredibly clueless sense of entitlement and playing the race card.

    You did this to yourself. It has nothing to do with race. You posted a picture with your booty out with an distasteful caption which all in all, lacked class. The brand paid you to represent them and your behavior not race showed them why that was a mistake.

    Be accountable. https://t.co/4B11nT7ErY

    — Barrington Martin II (@_BarringtonII) August 13, 2022

    I for one am so incredibly sick of this kind of shit from young people. It especially bites when they have expensive and time-consuming hair weaves and manicures, before current times the likes which only were worn by a high-ranking Mandarin noble of olde who never touched manual labor of any kind.

    And these are exactly the kind of people that make fun of the sense of entitlement of white "Karen's" who are dressed like soccer moms and haven't had time to comb their hair. I would never have even conceived of the idea that that kind of lifestyle was available to me. Where so many get the idea that they too are entitled to be a "real housewife of Beverly Hills" with servants to tend to their every need and somebody else paying the bills? They don't have a clue how much those women in reality had to "give" to get in that fictional position. It's like it's owed to them!

    I wonder if Dyjuan realizes he's complaining about black "police" arresting a brownish guy with a Hispanic name who felt entitled to break the park rules:

    (and do check out the video version at the top of the page where he doesn't seem all that angry or upset as Dyjuan that he was caught being a naughty boy)

    um also seems like Diyuan doesn't let reading interfere with his narrative, all of these points contradict it

    During beach season this year, lifeguards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the parks department’s website, the same hours as in previous years.

    But a department spokeswoman later clarified that Mr. Velasquez was swimming in one of the stretches of beach designated solely for surfing and where swimming is always prohibited — as marked by signs.

    Mr. Velasquez’s arrest, which was first reported by Gothamist, was for disorderly conduct and failure to comply with the Parks Enforcement Patrol in providing an ID, not for swimming after hours, according to the parks department.

    “Unfortunately, due to noncompliance when an ID was requested, in this instance an arrest was warranted,” Crystal Howard, a department spokeswoman, said.

     About 300 people are asked to leave the waters at Rockaway Beach every day, the parks department said. Arrests, however, are rare. Only one other arrest was made this year at the Rockaways, for driving under the influence, and there was one arrest for disorderly conduct in 2021 and another in 2019.

    When asked if the parks department had increased enforcement at Rockaway in recent years, she said that it had not, outside the addition of 10 officers in 2019 when a new beach was being constructed. 


    ....Ms. Hider was transported to a Birmingham hospital where she had surgery for her injuries. The authorities said she may be part of a group of people “living off the grid” in tents in the national forest who were reported to be “armed and potentially violent.”

    The sheriff’s office said Ms. Hider faces charges that include one count of murder, two counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery.

    Ms. Paulus told the authorities that at the time of the shooting, a second woman, later identified as Krystal Diane Pinkins, 36, had been standing in the woods.

    Ms. Hider, the assailant, had called out to Ms. Pinkins to help her but she fled, according to officials. It was at this point that Ms. Paulus was able to get her phone and call 911, the statement said...

    yes, black privilege in the coverage, people have to dig for photos of the criminals -



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