Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter III

    “In much of the Western world, the liberal takeover of institutions is nearly complete. But the revolution isn’t coming.” — @verdur_in observes a reactionary backlash emerging instead https://t.co/7dw6VFWMqz

    — The Critic (@TheCriticMag) March 8, 2023

    (Continued. Chapter II is HERE (locked to new comments)


    a little simplistic for me but for a general HBO audience, it's probably necessary. Felt the story about the law professor in the middle of the segment was astounding tho. Really I know I could not tolerate taking humanities courses in college now, I really couldn't, I would be steaming angry ever other minute, the amount of bullshit in the whole field is incredible

    but but but Florida

    Carl shares two nice screenshot pastes of text from a new article at The Atlantic


    AOC is getting cancelled by 'The Left' for taking normie liberal stances:

    there's much more, that's just a sampling

    I think Steve Schmidt likes Jefferson too.

    Odd that people from divergent wings of politics can agree on fundamentals.

    If course this requires a 10-minute divergence on Jefferson's slave/concubine that paralzes most any talk these days.

    Maybe we're winding a bit past that.


    cannot read til next month but for now BEARS NOTING:

    So there's a chicken in every pot just around the corner that pays better? Just gotta "lay some pipe" in a timely way (assume there's a metaphor for the ladies too). 

    Good to know God, family, country is so simple. To think after Hillary lost we sent journos out to fentanyl-laced flyover country to learn from the wisdom of the true American dispossessed, and now we find out they were just self-destructive whiners. How things change in a hurry, makes my head spin.

    Actually I thnk it's, "buy it, and still fuck you" 


    Old white male gets UK art history job!!! (On second thought it prolly was cause no one else wanted it? Gainsborough was last popular in 1920 cheeky)

    2nd prize, *2* weeks in Philadelphia! 

    yes we joke, but only last week Todd Cronan & Charles Palermo were asking readers at The Nation:

    Can a White Curator Do Justice to African Art? Behind the scenes at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

    Oh, sorry I'm sure they're deathly serious. I "it's a black thing, you wouldn't understand" 

    In honor of Canary Islands, Maui, and and whatever the next flashpoint

    Going thru life with rose-pink colored glasses... 

    Actually it's kind of cute. 

    There must be scandals ("There Will Be Blood"?) -better the overwrought tempest-in-teapot ones.

    Now about those bludgeoned baby harp seals... and that recurring Quexit threat... and Margaret Trudeau, jeebus, what was she thinking dancing with Mick at Studio 54, of course people will talk! (and then elect her son PM, well, that's not quite how it usually works...) 

    Boy I am really sick of the Rittenhouse bashing shit from the BLM-protest-supporting left. Here's a good NPR article I just ran across on Community Notes on Twitter

    Updated November 19, 20219:42 PM ET 
    it's all summed up in this header in the article:

    ....Rittenhouse had a strong self-defense case....


    Put that to bed long ago. 

    Street crazies were chasing after him, and including trying to beat him with a skateboard. He may be clueless, but he still has a right to self defense. 

    It doesn't stop on social media though

    The police double standard for gun toting righylt wing freaks is annoying tho - similar to police encouragement of Rittenhouse before and after. 

    Hah, on the whole Rittenhouse thing:

    But I thought A.C.A.B.and protesters didn't want them around:

    Absolute mayhem as counter protesters approach anti-immigrant MAGA protesters outside Gracie Mansion.

    Shocking to no one, NYPD took no measures to keep people safe despite having almost an hour before counter protesters arrived. pic.twitter.com/kw7SH41biu

    — Isabelle Leyva (@isabelle_leyva) August 27, 2023


    My Funk 'n Wagnalls defines "absolute mayhem"  a bit different. 

    That too, good point. smiley

    Kind of surprised that I saw these two tweets retweeted by Ryan Campbell, who I follow; he's a successful Black real estate investor in Atlanta, far from a right winger, pretty much an Obama-type Dem but doesn't tweet about politics that much, does mostly real-estate-related news and sports

    "All the World's a Stage" - Thomas Edison

    Shorter: don't buy their BS, buy *our* BS. New! Improved! 

    No one is making 'woke' up, it's real and it's in politics. Here's a Sept. 7 report of what a  Chicago 12th District Councl Member said to the Chicago Police Chief at a meeting:

    And here's scarcasm making my same point, that it's not made up the right but REAL, a REAL and still very active part of 'progressivism'


    furthermore this one directly identifies with the 2020 Minneapolis Geo. Floyd protests and with BLM.

    Denial is not a river in Egypt, if you want to disavow this sort as part of the Democratic party,  you have to do strong 'Sister Souljah moments' like Bill Clinton did, no one is going to believe denials that these people exist and are speaking for you


    what a surprise NOT cheeky

    pretty outrageous

    (irony is that people like me would actually respect the white males in this field who made it through this gauntlet as no doubt the tippy-top best with the bonus that they also know how to play skillful academic politics, dishonest tho that may be)

    Uh, sorry, what'd you say? I was sitting in the back feeling my white male "privilege". 

    Gee you'd almost think some of the things going on in FL schools and similar didn't come out of thin air!

    History sucks. All reprobates with flawed ethics. 

    It's worth taking a look at the "scholarship" produced by this center, which has tens of millions of dollars in funding. I thought this was a list of silly-looking papers, but actually it's just a bunch of brief paragraphs describing their stances. https://t.co/KCxbAfFvxN https://t.co/tLyoiERfeM

    — Oliver Traldi (@olivertraldi) September 14, 2023

    As some people pointed out, this is just Kendi (MacArthur "Genius Grant" winner)'s own website. Here are the Center's eight-figure-worth accomplishments. https://t.co/SrbM3hM2ui

    — Oliver Traldi (@olivertraldi) September 15, 2023


    The BU Center serves an important function, putting a tech data sheen on all facets of common interests to turn bland advocacy topics into "research". Their review focuses down on data use in basketball so people of color have a chance of understanding, but then they move on to other critical areas like "youth risk behavior surveys to prevent substance misuse, studies of school climate to improve conditions for LGBTQ+ students" and presumably "how to ignore rampant gun use and unchecked criminality in the destruction of urban American neighborhoods".

    Extrapolating from Moneyball 20 years ago, the new take on data science can be extended beyond white privileged Brad Pitt managers and Jewish number crunchers like Jonah Hill to areas that black people can appreciate, such as a moving realtime measurement of microagression similar to FitBit. The BU Center rescues data science, "the new Liberal Arts" (which relies on computers and more & more AI to number crunch literally everything rather than archaic books to read about and understand the social fabric of the world), from the confines of more white-obsessed areas like medicine, neurology, finance & algorithmic trading into furthering the embedding of DEI theology, sorry, techniques and tailored approaches, and quotas into all facets of human life, and being able to visualize that success.

    Are there ANY climate protesters out there who are not pea brains about productive protest methods?

    The path to utopia is a bit roughshod.

    he's a cancelled boomer fer sure, throw him on the pyre, nobody will care laugh

    Haha, it's hard not to have schadenfreude; here's a much more scholarly anti-racist prof. at BU basically calling Kendi (and buddies) a grifter. It's like he's been waiting to seize the day!.I'd be really surprised if Kendi doesn't get taken down. An academic like this doesn't risk this kind of thing unless the odds are good.

    Will the more arrogant grifter, Miz Hannah Nikole Jones, be next? Stay tuned.


    When culture-wars fads take over:

    Oh the humanity!?

    Making sure UK chil'ren be learnin' what skin color is on top of the world?

    Texas teacher fired after assigning an illustrated Anne Frank book

    The graphic novel adaptation released in 2018 is faithful to the original text in Anne Frank's diary. 

    The Guardian "digs in" - little girl describes folded skin down there, shocking, who knew the clitoris existed? I was told it was a myth.


    “If those backing the social justice agenda could have everything they wanted, what would the country look like?”

    Thomas Sowell: We’d be killing each other. pic.twitter.com/Z0g3JEGx6A

    — Thomas Sowell Quotes (@ThomasSowell) September 19, 2023

    My interview with Thomas Sowell will drop on Sunday , the publication date of his new book, "Social Justice Fallacies." (Correct. At 93, Tom has written a new book.)

    A glimpse: pic.twitter.com/1UyU8b7o4B

    — Peter Robinson (@p_m_robinson) September 13, 2023

    Another accusation of grifting:

    But doesn't that mean the hustle peaked somewhere 2020-2022, for Kendi, BLM (and it's leader with the houses), defund police, etc? Who high up Dem is doing Kente cloth those days? Even student loan offer was quite hedged. The pronoun thing seems to have fallen off, I think the shared bathroom thing & some trans sports participation is more disputed, including from Dems, no? I see less Tankie retweets these days...

    You are judging national WHILE is still very strong on local levels i.e. San Francisco city council...actually A LOT of city councils, and they were that way before 2020,what happened in 2020 just confirmed what they believed and made them way stronger. It is a terrible problem I know it from Milwaukee - local 'liberal' Dems are Kendi types for decades. They are actually the reason Clinton did a Sister Souljah! They shut up and sit down when Clinton types are in power and come back vocal and stronger when something like 2020 support happens.

    Democratic PARTY leaders have to do "Sister Souljah's" in order to win majority everywhere. Voters on social media, especially Independents or independent types are not the same thing!!! Democratic party has to make clear they do not support "The Squad" types, they have to make CLEAR that Cori Bush or Jamaal Bowman or Ilhan Omar are NOT part of their coalition!

    Because there more very loud activists just like them getting lots of attention in all the big cities at local levels. They get ID'd as Democrats unless the national party disavows them publically loudly and nationally!!!

    That's your choice, or you can have things like the Dallas mayor giving up and switching parties. You cannot have both if you're a partisan, you wlll lose the quiet independent votes!

    Right, like Dem leaders need to speak out against Menendez, except when the do theyre still accused of supporting Mendendez. The Sista Souljah channel isn't very sharp & focused anymore.

    UGH! The horror:

    Charles Murray in reply to an anthropologist's complaint about an actual cancellation:

    another way tp read Yascha Mounk's whole Twitter thread

    another real cancellation:

    Carl's two cents:

    "Your voices were heard, but other voices were hearder."


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