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    Doctor refuses KFC Double-Down Sandwich as payment for treatment

    LOUISVILLE – Billy-Bob Wolfrum was pleased that Dr. McBride had removed the tick from the bottom of his foot, that had given him so much trouble. Wolfrum was much less pleased when Dr. Mkfc  double-downcBride refused the KFC Double-Down Sandwich for treatment.

    “I mean, it has no bread,” said Wolfrum. “All Chicken. And bacon, even.”

    The bartering a chicken or other products for health care philosophy was proposed recently by Republican Sue Lowden.

    For his part, Dr. McBride had little comment.

    “It’s a crappy chicken sandwich. I mean, come on, now?”

    When reached for comment, Lowden said her bartering plan still had kinks to work out. Also reached for comment, KFC proudly boasted that one day the KFC Double-Down Sandwich would be used as currency.


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    At least you have chicken, Leeroy Jenkins.

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