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    Friday Follies: On Kardashian, Condi, Lust, Larceny and Love in the Air

    How jealous are we of that lavish, over-the-top Royal Wedding the Brits got to celebrate this year?  So pathetically jealous we had to pretend we're capable of having one of our own by latching onto the lavish, over-the-top Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries wedding. (Whoever the hell they are.) The Big Event took place last weekend and every station in the nation went all barmy over it.  The name "Kardashian" was out there so often, I figure it's just a matter of time before it appears in dictionaries all over the world as another striking example of "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing"


    [Celebrity] is but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more. It is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
    Signifying nothing."
    — With apologies to Macbeth


    But my favorite part was a moment just before the nuptials when a CNN reporter was outside the compound talking about things most shallow and decidedly icky, like the fact that People Magazine paid more than a million dollars for the exclusive rights to the wedding photos, and a kid (looking and behaving like a certain grandson) gives the performance of his life on national TV.  Watch it here.


    Love Story #2Moammar loves Condi. Who knew?  The Libyan Rebels have taken over Gadhafi's (Kaddafi.  Khadafy. Qaddafi. etc.) .compound and of course the first thing they did was to dig through the junk to find the juicy stuff.  Imagine their joy when they found a photo album entirely devoted to portraits of Condoleeza Rice.

    One might guess from the evidence that Moammar had a certain obsession with Condi, but all guessing ends with the heretofore ignored interview the smitten one gave to al Jazeera way back in 2007, in which he gushed:

     "I support my darling black African woman [...]  I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders. ... Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. ... I love her very much. I admire her, and I'm proud of her, because she's a black woman of African origin."  

     Well, yes, it's very bizarre, very creepy, but what I can't figure out is 2007?  How did we miss this for so long??


    Love Story #3

    Newlyweds Arthur Phillips and Brittany Lurch wanted very much to have a nice reception where their many friends could join them in celebrating their nuptials.  Money was apparently tight (neither of them were Kardashians, you see) so it took the Centre Hall, PA couple a few days to figure out how they were going to do it, but when the plan finally took shape it was a doozy.

    They headed to the local Wegmans and loaded up a cart with over $1,000 worth of reception-type food and then walked out the door without paying.  Brilliant.  It worked!  The problem was, they had invited so many people to their special soiree one cart-load of hors d'oeuvres just wasn't going to do it.  They had to go back and load up again.  They were so tickled over the success of their first heist, they ordered a huge batch of seafood from the deli.  But something felt amiss, apparently, because they left the deli counter without the goods and tried to get outside, landing smack into the arms of the police.

    They will be spending their honeymoon in jail.  No immediate plans for an actual marriage.

    (That's Bonnie and Clyde.  Click here for Arthur and Brittany's wedding portrait.  The Centre Daily wants me to pay for the photo but I don't want to.)


    That moment sublime:  The flying scene from "Out of Africa".  Pure romance:



    Cartoon of the Week


    Joe Heller - Green Bay Press Gazette


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    I am not sure where Moammar fits into the Hitler ratings relative to fellows like Amin; but I have been watching this batshite crazy guy for decades.

    Did not Clinton come within meters of bombing him into kingdom come?

    And like Sadaam, depending of course on who sat in our Oval Office, were not we giving Moammar weapons during some intervals in his reign?

    America kind of loves and hates these villains who seem to come right out of a Batman comic book.

    Every day it was Halloween for this mofo! I do not think that anyone in the history of mankind had so many costumes.

    Absolute power seems to really have an effect upon the ego and certain areas of the brain.

    Absolute power means they don't have to feign sanity.  They can be as crazy as it comes and still be the leader of an entire country.  That guy in North Korea probably had the most fun being nuts while 3/4 of the country starved. Chairman Mao was loony enough to think his country would do just fine if everyone just kept their noses to the grindstone and pretended the human spirit didn't need no damned culture.

    Let's face it; most dictators are nuts.  And we'll all be in the same boat if we don't stop having fun with the up and coming tea party wackos and begin to see them for the dangerous despots they want to -- and could -- become.

    Be kind to your parentsQuaddafi
    Though they  he don't deserve it

    Remember they're grownups
     he's a dictator

    A difficult stage of life.

     They're apt to be nervous
    And overexcited
    Confused from the daily storm and strife

    Just keep in mind (just keep in mind)
    Though it sounds odd, I know
    Those parents 
    tea partiers once were children sane

    long ago

    So treat them with patience
    And sweet understanding

    Some day you may wake up, and find you're a parent tea partier



    If you can't carry a tune you can hum along

    Absolute power can and frequently does yield decisions which appear as qualitatively nuts.

    When there are no constraints on behavior, morality and ethics are stricken from the human formula.

    Conservative and progressive relaxation on various standards of conduct extend the range of permissible conduct into regions once thought to be outside the norm. Common to both is a granting of largesse to a unique constituency within either camp. We call this political cronyism or more precisely, corruption.

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