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    Friday Follies: The Smalls, The Bigs, and On Wisconsin

    This week DARPA unveiled its newest entry into the spy game, the Nano Hummingbird.  The teeny, tiny $4 million prototype flew around a parking lot and then through a standard-sized door, all the while showing us on a small screen what it was seeing through its teeny, tiny eyes.  The hope is that it can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance without anybody noticing, as it zooms in at eight miles per hour and gathers info we might find useful.

    They were talking about it on the local news this morning, and one of the news guys said, "I'll tell you what, though.  It could change the way we fight wars.  A fly swatter could become a weapon of mass destruction."  (I'm calling that a new high in ad-libbing.)

    So, I guess you've heard about the news anchors in Australia?  They were talking about some teeny tiny urn that seems to be a prized trophy for something, when the female anchor turned to the male anchor and, okay, insulted his manhood.  I've been waiting for some sort of explanation, because, ohhh, that's cold!  But it's Friday and none is forthcoming, so here I am, talking about it along with a couple of jillion other people without knowing the back story, or even whether what Belinda said about Mark is true.

    And while we're on the subject, did you hear about the naked sausage burglar?  It happened about a month ago, but they've just released the videotape.   Nobody knows why he's naked, but they recognized him as a guy who lives in the woods behind a Lee County, Florida retirement community clubhouse.  The sausages were going to be served at the weekly Bingo game, but when the cook went to get them, they were gon.  A camera caught the whole thing, and the guy was arrested.  I don't know, though. I thought it was a new high in Senior Citizen entertainment.  Almost better than Bingo.

    Ever wondered what you could buy with a billion dollars?  It used to be we could count our millionaires on two hands and a few toes.  Now, with the economy tanking and when we're one step away from bread lines and apple sellers, we're finding that a billion-dollar-a-year salary is just so-so in some quarters. (According to a story in Forbes, March, 2010, there were 403 American billionaires, including the Koch brothers.)  Dave Johnson (one of the few reasons I go to the Huffington Post) wrote a piece about what a billion dollars could buy.  If you think the naked sausage burglar video is obscene, you ought to take a gander at this.

    So I was already cranky after reading Dave Johnson's piece,  but when I saw what was going on in Wisconsin, I perked up a bit.  I love Wisconsin.  It is practically a cousin to Michigan, my Michigan, and, along with Minnesota, we're a triad of unpredictable eccentrics.  How Wisconsin ever let themselves get talking into electing a Tea Party governor is beyond me. . .but then I don't have a whole lot of room to talk, since Michigan now has a Republican governor when we could have had Virg Bernero, who not only would have jump-started us, he would have made sure we had fun doing it.

    This new Wisconsin governor decided it was his duty to shut down any hint of collective bargaining among public employees, since he was against any form of collective bargaining and he was the governor.  It seemed logical to him, being a Tea Partier and all, but imagine his surprise when the public employees said, "What?  Who?  Us??"  They stormed the Statehouse and filled it to the rafters, and thousands more marched outside, and it became a huge damned event.  Fourteen of the Democratic state senators left the state to keep a quorum from happening so that the anti-collective bargaining bill could not be passed, and it's been one thing after another ever since.

    The senators ended up in Illinois, where they bumped into a Chocoholic Frolic and  caused a leprechaun to be chased by a reporter.  The press found them, so they left without checking in, and now nobody seems to know where they are.  But,even though they're at an "undisclosed location", they're talking to Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz and they sound like reasonable folks to me.

    Best picture of the week, hands down:

    Protesters at Madison Statehouse

    Cartoon of the week:

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    I can just see you sitting at a desk in front of your old fashioned typewriter (from your avatar) with your half finished manuscript in a heap by you as crankily stare at a computer (wait, is there room for a typewriter and computer? Ignore the inconsistencies here, please.) and then you see the story about Wisconsin and you get all excited and perky and finish the next 2 chapters of your book thereby making it much more likely that you will finish before 100.  Yippee!  :)

    Okay, where's that damned peephole?  Where are you?  It's a good thing I'm in a good mood right now. 

    But working on the book?  That's scary!

    Ha! So you were working on the book?

    I am far away in Texas by the way.

    Okay, no.  But I was sitting in front of my old fashioned typewriter and staring at my computer screen, just as you said.  I even had my hat on.  And everything is in sepia tone.

    Oh my god...I can totally see it. Except the typewriter / computer issue is still a bit unclear. Maybe you have a keyboard that looks like an old fashioned typewriter with the monitor on the wall in front of you that when not in use reverts to a Renoir or Alma-Tadema. There is also some Bix Biederbecke softly playing from some unseen speaker.

    Amazing!  You're close.  Except the wall decor is 1930s California Plein Air and the music is most likely George Winston and Windham Hill.  In sepia.

    I heartily LIKE this blog post!!  I just can't officially "LIKE" it yet.  But eventually I shall prevail upon Genghis to help me get my LIKOMETER working through Facebook. 

    Thanks, Lis. I swear I saw a "like" when I first posted this but it isn't there now. I'll write to Genghis to see if he can fix it.

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