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    BREAKING: McCain denies deal with the Devil

    The blogosphere is abuzz with rumors about a secret deal between John McCain and Satan. A contributor to popular political blog, TPM Cafe, first broke the story last week in a post entitled, Lady MacDeath - A Faustian Bargain of Sinister Deception. According to blogger TheraP, who does not quote any sources, Satan promised John McCain the Presidency in 2008 in return for sacrificing his soul and selecting Sarah Palin to be his running mate.

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    I Say, Let 'Em Crash

    Oh things are going well my friends. This stock market crash could not have come at a better time. Just look at John McCain squirm. All we need are a few more major bankruptcies, and we'll have the election locked up. As a special bonus, the greedy bankers are getting screwed too.

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    Linehan has coached his second-to-last game

    It astounds me, but my 'Please Fire Linehan' post from two weeks ago is still getting the most traffic on my blog. It seems people care a lot more about a crappy football coach on a crappy football team than the potential collapse of the stock market and U.S. economy ... Seems about right to me!

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    Back in the doom-and-gloom days week, there were a number of stalwart cheerleaders at TPM Cafe who airily assured us that Obama had everything under control. While I wasn't particularly concerned about the polls--I've seen enough elections not to get my knickers in a twist over weekly fluctuations--I had the sense that at least some of those cheerleaders would insist that all was well up to the moment of crushing defeat. The knowing assurances that Obama's hesitance to attack was part of his rope-a-dope strategy seemed the most suspect.

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    A bill we'll be paying back for generations ...

    Ok, so I've admitted that the government probably had to do something to stem the financial crisis.

    Now I'm going to talk about all the ways this bailout could - and probably will - go wrong (with the caveat that all the details still haven't been worked out).

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    All clear? Hardly

    The SEC has banned short-selling on financial stocks. The Treasury has guaranteed money market funds and is cooking up plans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to buy distressed assets and save troubled banks. The market has rebounded huge, taking back all of this month's losses.

    So are we all clear??


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    A lot of Boo ... not so much Yah!

    Whoo-boy. Another fun day on Wall Street. I just got done watching another episode of Jim Cramer's Mad Money and I gotta vent a little bit here.

    I like Cramer. A lot of people think he's a buffoon, but I think he's incredibly smart, and he entertains and informs like few others in the business. And there is no denying his stellar record as a hedge fund manager in his former career (though I would venture that a lot of the practices he now rails against as a voice for the common man- like naked short selling - helped contribute to a lot of that performance).

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    Teach your children well ...

    Many people want to know how this country got into its current economic mess. The news this weekend that some of Wall Street's biggest, most prestigious financial institutions (Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, AIG) are failing and need to be rescued will raise many more questions.

    Of course, the full story is quite complicated, but one of the main drivers behind the current problems is the housing crisis, and the fact that these institutions allowed many homeowners to take on way more debt than they could handle.

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    Merrill saw the light ... Now maybe we can too

    I just wanted to offer my immediate, quick, bullet-point take on the flurry of GIGANTIC market-related news today, which i

    briefly referenced last night.

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    (What a) Wonderful Veep...

    with apologies to Sam Cooke

    She don't know much about history
    She don't believe in biology
    She wants to change the science books
    She wants to fire the White House cooks
    But she does know how to speak on cue
    And she knows if she makes fools of you
    What a wonderful veep she would be

    She don't know much about geography
    She don't know much foreign policy
    Don't know much about George Bush's war
    Don't know what a VP is for
    But she knows that one and one is two
    And if McCain just tells her what to do


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