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    Fun at the Ballot Box (Election Open Thread)

    Voting from the safety of a blue, blue state, I get to have a little more fun with my ballot than a lot of people in battlegrounds.

    Sorry, Andrew Cuomo -- you'll win anyway, so I voted for Howie Hawkins.

    Sorry, Kirsten Gillibrand -- I couldn't resist writing in a vote for Al Franken.

    If you're a friend of mine, I might have written you in for New York Supreme Court or for Civil Court judge. Let me know if you win.  You're welcome!

    Anyway, here's an election open thread.





    I just looked up the boundaries of my congressional district on wikipedia. The thought occurred to me to share it because I was not so long ago accused here as living in a bubble.

    Here's my bubble: New York's 13th congressional district

    The district is the smallest Congressional district by area in the U.S. The 13th district comprises Upper Manhattan and a small portion of the western Bronx. The district includes the neighborhoods of HarlemInwoodMarble HillSpanish HarlemWashington Heights, and portions of Morningside Heights and the Upper West Side. The Apollo Theater and Grant's Tomb are located within this district.


    • 100.00% urban
    • 0.00% rural


    I would like to add that "Asian" is highly likely mostly SE Asian immigrants from what I see, that there is heavy Caribbean cultural influence, and the 6.9% "other" are an incredibly international mix. Anyone else want to share theirs?

    Edit to add: just found out my current congressman (to be re-elected today, sure thing) is a great-grandson of Dominican President Ulises Espaillat.

    Showoff. Name dropper.

    Sorry, I did not see this. You were ahead of me by several hourss?

    Anyway, here we go.

    I’m in Anchorage tonight for work, so I’ll be watching the 1000 year old congressman Young lose his race. (Okay I hope he’s gonna lose this race).

    How'd I do? I have pretty good name recognition - should I work on my acceptance speech? 

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