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    A Great Day In Dag History

    On September 17th of 1981 the greatest of all time, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, put hard times on rival Dusty Rhodes, to win his first world heavyweight wrestling championships.  He is now (sadly) retired but his 16 world championship reigns remain a record, destined to be matched or exceeded by (shudder) John Cena.

    Well, here it was, his first belt:

    It's just so much more important than Trump.


    Seriously?  How much more important is it than CONSTITUTION DAY? 


    And how is it a great day in DAG HISTORY? What does it have to do with Dag?

    You're deplorable.

    Happy Birthday!

    I'll tell you what's deplorable:  Dissing Cena!




    Ric Flair? That's not a picture of Trump with his hair down?

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