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    Happy Friday, Dag

    Captain America Richard Spencer Nazi Punch
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    Too deliciously serendipitous for words.  On another rather unnecessarily acrimonious thread (but far more interesting and honest prior to a god-on-high edit) on Dagblog, Donal's blog is mentioned, which links to Benjamin Studebaker's blog that not only shows the punch in the face to Richard Spencer but decries it.  And here we are!  I love it when that happens ...

    One of my favorite scenes in Woody Allen's Manhattan involves an intellectual saying how nazis marching in New Jersey have been devastated by a satirical column in The Times. Woody explains that when it comes to Nazis, a satirical column is fine but bricks and baseball bats really get the point across.

    I've been told it's wrong for me to enjoy watching Richard Spencer get cold cocked in the ear like that, but honestly, I laugh every fucking time I see it. 




    Punching Richard Spencer is a victimless crime.

    LOL yes it is.

    TMac... Ha ha ha ha HAH!

    I come from the streets of the Sixties.

    I'm more from the Bulldog Liberal wing than
    the namby-pamby middle way progressives.

    If ya' know what I mean...



    Fake news - those punches didn't even connect.

    The one that counted did!

    You can see the Hitler actor position himself to receive "the punch". In one of those three cities, he clearly flips his head back before the fist is near. You can see the same in old movies. It's safer, and good enough to tell the story, IMO.

    But socked twice in 1 day? By a *girl*? That's double trouble - say Britney Spears and..... Britney Spears.





    Awww, Brit.

    In Mexico, pro wrestler enjoys drawing boos with Trump flag

    Washington Post - ‎9 hours ago‎

    MEXICO CITY - He's the guy Mexicans love to hate: An American pro wrestler has become a sensation in Mexico City by adopting the ring persona of a flamboyant Donald Trump supporter.

    Art imitates life...previously imitating art

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