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    Be like a Brazilian – Dance and have more sex

    Brazil is a land of paradoxes. One one side of the coin, the nation will fight resolutely for its citizens with HIV/AIDS. On the other, a judge will announce that gay men have no business playing soccer.

    But recently, Brazilian Health Minister Jose Temporao gave some advice to uptight Brazilians that Americans should heed – dance more, and have sex more.

    From The Huffington Post:

    Temporao says adults should be exercising more to help keep their blood pressure down – and he says a good cardiovascular workout includes sex, “always with protection, obviously.”

    Temporao also recommends dancing, a healthy diet and regular blood-pressure checks.

    So, for you Americans battling high-blood pressure, have more sex. And dance more. Remember, it’s like Tom Delay disappeared off the planet after being on Dancing with the Stars. So there could be something to this.


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