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    It’s your own damned fault if you get murdered

    While murder is still considered a grave crime, today’s enlightened society tends to see it as something more than a black & white issue. Because more often than not, a murder victim has every opportunity to avoid being murdered.

    Simply put, if you get murdered, it’s very likely your own damned fault. This is obvious to any who care to look at the issue.

    Most murder victims could easily save their own lives if they followed a few simple rules:

    But the fact is that most murder victims are too careless, too un-Godly, too unwilling to take the personal responsibility needed to avoid being murdered. This is why so many murder victims are far too ashamed to go to authorities following their murder – they know they played a part in it.

    And the legal system is aware of this. This is why so few murderers get sentenced for their crimes. Defense lawyers will quickly pounce on the past history of the victim and come to one conclusion – the murdered didn’t do what’s necessary to not be murdered. Thus, many victims of murder will not go to the authorities.

    Murder is epidemic in the United States. The statistics are staggering. But the fact is that murderers are helpless to stop themselves, and when people dress and act in certain ways, all they are doing is attracting those that will murder them.

    It’s a hard truth, but the fact is that in 2010, we should be a more enlightened society. So dress conservatively, don’t go out, and don’t draw attention to yourself. And remember, once a murder starts, it’s too late to say no. You’ve asked for it, and it’s going to happen.

    Because – as most people rightly believe – the blame for the crime of murder falls almost solely on the murder victim.


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    At the risk of ruining a good parody, I think it is important to point out steps that one can take to avoid being murdered. (For sake of being a wuss, I'm going to mostly stick with the parodied issue instead of the issue being parodied.) I'm definitely no expert, but some ideas spring to mind:

    1. Make yourself aware of what areas experience higher-than-normal rates of murder.
    2. *Let someone know when you'll be at certain locations.
    3. *Don't travel alone if you can avoid it.
    4. Don't get into strangers cars without a damn good reason and without a safety plan.
    5. *Be aware of your surroundings.
    6. *Act confidently.

    Items marked with an asterisk are especially important if you're in an area with higher-than-normal rates of murder, but are never a bad idea. Obviously, these ideas apply to other crimes as well. I mention this because while I never want to blame the victim, I do want to try to prevent others from becoming victims.

    All good points. Mr. Wolfrum. Few acknowledge that the vast majority of murders are really consensual. How's a would-be killer to know his alleged victim's screams of "No" or "Stop" are anything more than cries of passion? In our system of justice, the benefit of a doubt should go to the accused.

    Same goes for rape victims then. It's his / her own fault. Ooo and Jews... That was all on them... not hitler. They must have been too "un-godly" Or just too slutty. 

    "thus, many victims of murder will not go to the authorities"  or "too ashamed".... Lol! 

    god, I wonder if there are actually people that think this load'o balls. 

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