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    Obama did not kill bin Laden – He’s running for office in Brazil

    Yes, Bin Laden is alive and well in Brazil, where he’s running for office in the mid-term elections. His political aims? Apparently disillusioned by Jihad following his Pakistan bullet adventure, he is running to rid the nation of corruption and child labor. It’s a big move for Osama, who once made a living in Brazil in the bug extermination business.

    Brazilians aren’t at all fearful of Bin Laden, and for good reason. They have Batman and Robin to protect them.




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    Look closer.  That's not Bin Laden.

    It's Ron Pauladen.


    Wow destor, I never thought you would get sucked into those crack pot conspiracy theories about the fake Bin Laden tapes. Let it go dude, the tapes are real. Clearly Bin Laden is running for office in Brazil.

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