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    Sarah Palin announces she's LeBron James' pick for Vice-President

    ALASKA - Moments after releasing a meandering video that seemed to point out that she wanted white women on the streets, Sarah Palin dropped another bombshell - She will be LeBron James' pick for Vice-President.

    "When Mr. James finally signs with the Miami Heat, I'll be there, as someone who has helped him become who he is today," said Palin, who was Governor of Alaska until she quit for better paying opportunities. "Much like I understand foreign policy because Russia is near my home, I understand the NBA because I played high school basketball."

    Palin didn't comment on what being James' "Vice-President" meant, and when reached for comment, James was apparently confused.

    "Wouldn't she actually be the Vice-King," said James, laughing. "But seriously I have no idea what you're talking about, just watch ESPN tonight to see my announcement that I'll play for the Miami Heat ... wait, don't report that last part."

    Palin, however, said the "deal was done" and that she planned to bring old-fashioned American values to James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

    "Eagles. They fly. Salmon upstream. And so we swim," said Palin, who then began just speaking Chinese from a prepared text for some reason. "我不认识LeBron詹姆斯。 我的忠诚是给我的中国霸主。, you betcha."

    Experts said there could be some truth to the rumors, being that Palin admitted to signing with the Minnesota Vikings last year.


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    You know, I just used a syringe to inject 100 cc's of cod liver oil into my temple, and now... Sarah makes sense.

    She just does.

    Admit it.

    "Vice-King" that is great that he can be fun and witty with all the pressure. I never knew Palin was a LeBron fan but then again why wouldn't you be? At this time he is the best at the game and Palin is going for the winning team.

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