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    Sean Hannity murders adorable little puppies

    BRAZIL – Right-Wing Blogger-Patriot William K. Wolfrum today unleashed a new bombshell revelation against Fox News host Sean Hannity. Wolfrum stated that he had evidence of Hannity murdering adorable little puppies.

    “Sean Hannity murders adorable little puppies,” wrote Wolfrum.

    Word of Hannity’s puppy-killings were rampant on the Internet earlier.

    “Sean Hannity murdered adorable little puppies,” Tweeted Markos, of Daily Kos. “How about that?”

    Wolfrum claims to have receipts showing large quantities of adorable little puppies; and to have video of Hannity murdering the adorable little puppies.

    “Creepily, he named all the puppies ‘Alan Colmes,’” wrote Wolfrum.

    Still, Hannity has not lost his biggest supporters.

    “So, he kills some puppies,” said Leading Republican Rush Limbaugh. “It’s not like he started a charity for U.S. Veterans and embezzled from it, or anything.”


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    You do realize puppies are descended from wolves, don't you? Ravenous, bloodthirsty, man-eating wolves! Thank God humanity has someone like Sean Hannity willing to do what it takes (however distasteful and perhaps even illegal) to keep us safe. Thank you, Sean.

    You are a sick person! Keep us safe from a defenseless puppy?? Its no different than killing an innocent defenseless child! If you really think puppies are the world's problem, get off the f*** internet and look around. Ignorant morons, such as yourself are the world's enemy! I hope you and Sean rot in hell like you deserve.

    I resent this accusation, sir (or madam).

    I, the Great and Powerful Blogger-Formerly-Known-As-Genghis am the world's real enemy. Acanuck is nothing but a puppy-baiting Canadian weirdo. And you, sir (or madam), have the least developed sense of irony this side of the blogosphere. It's not safe for you to be traveling by yourself in these parts.

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