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    Indonesian Travel Journal: Oh, the Places I'll Go

    Hi folks! I'm glad to see so many new Dagbloggers. I'm in the middle of an epic holiday but I'm planning on spending a good deal of time in October, catching up on my Dag reading. 

    I've made it through my first Ramadan and my first Lebaran, which have both been interesting experiences. One of the best new things I learned is that during Lebaran, it is incumbent upon each Muslim to apologize for all of his or her wrongdoing in the past year. One of my friends told me that her family sits around the table, each person taking a turn. By the end, they have all broken down into tears. She said she feels reborn each year, light and free. It sounds to me like a wonderful tradition. We could all do with a little less anger and resentment and a little more forgiveness.

    I spent Lebaran snorkeling through on of the best coral reefs in the world. I saw a whole family of Nemos. And Scar. And Dory and Bloat and pretty much everybody in Mr. Ray's class. Yes, that's right. I classify my sea creatures with Finding Nemo characters. Don't judge.

    After my week in Sulawesi, I spent a few days relaxing in Malaysia where, through a strange and wonderful family connection, I was treated to home-cooked Malaysian treats and warm hospitality. It's nice to know I have surrogate parents just a few hours away.

    That's my quick update as to what I've been up to instead of writing these past couple of weeks. Because my life is amazing at the moment, I leave for Bali on Saturday and will again be away from the computer for several days. I'll miss what's happening here. Dag has always been fun and rewarding for me, but with all of our new contributors, it's becoming the vibrant place I think we all wished it would be. 



    So.... are you there, like, with Special Forces?

    Navy Seals maybe?

    I know you have to keep that part secret, and not questioning your right to kill whoever you want, but but but.... just PLEASE don't turn their way of life into... Indiana.

    The tar pits of Indiana.


    I could tell you. But then I'd have to send Mega Shark to get rid of you. And you know how Mega Shark is. Send him to eat one guy and he wipes out an entire province. Don't want that on my conscience.

    Chapter Two: O vs the Volcano

    Not that I wasn't jealous before, but now it is visceral!!!!  Have you visited any glow-worm caves?  What I love about them is that they are really maggots...a great memory for me.  Don't stop telling us all about your adventures.  I am putting together a blog about life, death, and getting stuck 30 feet up in trees, and what it costs to get a cat in that situation down.  

    Do you envy me?  I didn't think so!

    Great work, Orlando!

    Thank for your post, i really love it. I will come again.

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