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    Two Hundred Million a Day

    You'd think for the kind of money President Obama is spending on travel in Right-Wing Fantasy Land, there would be at least one public event during his time in Indonesia. I mean, it's not like there are occasional attacks of terrorism in a city that is beyond impossible to secure.

    Except it is exactly like that. Oh, well. I know somebody who knows somebody who is invited to dinner with the President this evening. Him and a few hundred other more important expats. Not that I'm bitter. But for $200 million a day, you'd think anybody holding a U.S. passport would be invited.

    On a more serious note, although I know this is nothing new, I continue to find it incredibly frustrating that media outlets, politicians, and various other public figures can just make shit up and then pretend to be outraged about it. So, if you're a right-winger and you're reading this, if you're angry about the "fact" that the President's Asia trip is costing so much, why don't you take a deep breath, examine reality (it's nice here), and find something to really get pissed about--like the fact that we have been spending at least half a billion dollars every day in Iraq for the past seven years. You're so interested in knowing where your grandchildren's future is? Get a fucking shovel and start digging in the sand.



    He is only doing what Presidents always have done.  But you know the crazy right has to spend time in la la land because it is Obama that is President.  Then what gets me is the sane pundents say" well, maybe he should not have gone because of jobs and post election."  as a reaction to the nutty right's rants and ravings.  I see no reason why he shouldn't make that trip and do what Presidents always have done.  Let him build bridges.

    I agree. Also, I was apparently in a bad mood this afternoon when I posted this. I just get so fed up with the fact that people can tell lies on television and no one calls them to task for doing so because of the political ramifications. Screw the political ramifications--tell the effing truth!

    I loved this!  Short and sweet and to the point.   Well done. 

    Isn't it also ironic that the wingnuts basically went to outsourcing to "just make shit up" this time?  Their pundits can't make their own shit up anymore? Got to find Indian media outlets to do it for them? Laughing

    Haha! That's hilarious!

    I don't know if that qualfiies as irony though.  They pretty much favor outsourcing in every other sector.


    would love to read anything you have to say regarding the topic of this analysis:


    AA, I started to reply to your comment, but it got really long, so I made it a blog.

    Thanks for the NYT link, because I would have missed it.

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