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    Avatar II: The Tax Revoltening

    If you thought the movie “Avatar” wasn’t enough of a trite rehash, just wait until “Avatar 2: The Tax Revoltening.” Coming April 15, this new epic will feature a new Dick Armey led brigade marching on Washington – but this time, they’re doing it virtually*.

    Yes, tapping into the Tea Party’s overwhelming desire to stay at home and grunt loudly while wearing their underwear, this march promises to do to the Internet what the Tea Party has done to National Politics – absolutely nothing.

    The Online Tax Revolt is open to every American who believes taxes and spending are out of control, harmful to our country and a threat to our nation’s future. Join other Americans as we march online from across the country to Washington, DC and rally together on April 15!

    And to take an already embarrassing idea and make it just that much more embarrassinger, everyone involved will have their own Avatar! Some of the luminaries involved (in avatar form) include:

    John McCainA  red bus

    Joe the plumberHuckabee

    So, if you’re one of thousands of Americans that wants to take their country back but doesn’t really want to commit to it enough to actually leave the house, then join now! Because nothing says Patriotic, Freedom-Loving, Tax-Hater like creating a super-creepy avatar and pretending you’re doing something important on the internet!


    *Seriously. They’re really doing this.

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    I thought that you had at least embellished it a little bit, but this time they denied you your snark by making it more ridiculous than even your snark would have allowed. They're tricksy ones, they are.

    Sweet! I'm ready. Prepare to PARTY!!!!!

    Has the Daily Show seen this yet? My favorite leader is Lynne Woolley, "self-appointed Logic Czar."

    Oh man. I just checked out the site. You don't get to bring your avatar. You have to take one of the theirs, and they're stupidly boring.

    FYI, the dude at the bottom right is Reagan. And the guy above him is definitely NOT Obama.

    I think it's supposed to be Franklin from the Peanuts cartoons.

    Fun site. Checking out their leaders' ridiculous avatars, I noticed Phyllis Schlafly was the only one they could find no words to describe. Understandable.

    I get the avatars wearing "Boortz" T-shirts, but what's with the poor gal in the "Tax" outfit? Is she the one everyone mobs and virtually beats up at the end of the march? The only alternative I can think of is that it's a very subtle right-wing joke -- that she actually stands for "Flat Tax." I could be right, you know.

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