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    Oliver North & Freedom Alliance: "Debbie Schlussel is a liar"

    In posting their response at Dagblog.com to Debbie Schlussel's claims that Sean Hannity has personally benefited from monies donated to the children of veterans, the Freedom Alliance's Thomas P. Kilgannon and Oliver North have made it clear the line of attack they plan to follow:

    "Debbie Schussel (sic) is a liar, and she's doing it again," was written above the press release.

    See the post in question here, and the comment from Freedom Alliance here.

    At least one thing we've learned from this, thus far - somebody is lying. And one other thing - this isn't done, not by a long shot.


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    If you can't believe someonbe who lied to Congress, who can you believe?

    In the hed and twice in text, that would be Debbie Schlussel, no?

    Are you saying that OLIVER NORTH called Debbie Schlussel a LIAR?

    Boy. You'd think an educational, help the troops kinda group like the Freedom Alliance - led by a decorated veteran like Oliver North - would step a bit gentler than to call a critic a liar.

    Although, she DID claim that North's organization was a giant con.

    Personally, I'd say she's nailed them.



    I love how the rebuttal twists the numbers. "See, we aren't mismanaging our funds because most of them are spent on 'program expenses.' How dare anyone suggest otherwise?"

    I can't decide which side is lying because a) I don't have enough evidence to make that decision and b) I don't generally believe anything that any conservative says. But to use "program expenses" as a defense is pretty thin. As a former fundraiser privy to agency budgets, I know that program expenses can include pretty much everything, including consultant fees, travel, food and beverage, printing expenses, advertising expenses and anything else an agency might want to downplay by putting it in a catch all category.

    So, if this organization really wants to convince me that they're on the up-and-up (which I just know they do), they need to post their line-item budget so that we can see just exactly what "program expenses" means.

    I can believe that Sean Hannity pays for his own travel and accommodations, but that doesn't mean the money the organization is raising being spent wisely in the name of its mission.

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