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    Will John McCain share his secret plan to get Osama bin Laden now?

    While running the worst campaign for President in the history of campaigns for President, John McCain made one thing very clear - He knew how to get Osama bin Laden. He just wouldn't tell anyone unless he was elected President.

    John McCain says in almost every stump speech that he knows how to capture Osama bin Laden and that he’d follow the al Qaeda leader to the “Gates of Hell.”

    So Washington Wire was wondering, what does McCain know that President Bush and the Pentagon don’t about how to sweep up America’s most elusive enemy.

    “One thing I will not do is telegraph my punches. Osama bin Laden will be the last to know,” he said today while riding on the back of his bus between Florida events. In other words: he’s not telling. Why not share his strategy with the current occupant of the White House? “Because I have my own ideas and it would require implementation of certain policies and procedures that only as the president of the United States can be taken.”

    Now that elite American forces have put a bullet in bin Laden's head and dumped his body at sea, we will see if McCain is finally ready to share his plan with the rest of America, or if following bin Laden to the "Gates of Hell"meant a "mansion in Sedona. Maybe McCain will talk about it this coming weekend on his regularly scheduled visit to "Meet the Press."


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    John McCain: Post-psychic.

    McCain, July 2008: "Larry, I'm not going to go there and here's why: because Pakistan is a sovereign nation."

    He's a panelist now, right?

    Nixon had a secret plan to get us out of Vietnam!

    Maybe McCain's plan was to resign in midterm after Palin resigned and the substitute President would have been able to grab bin Laden; just like when our substitute President Ford ended the SE Asian War in 1975.

    I believe I know what McCain's plan was: eke out the Republican nomination, pick Palin as his running mate, perform badly in the debates, prod his Wall Street cronies into crashing the financial system, tell the voting public the economy was still sound, interrupt his campaign to rescue the still-sound economy, go back to campaigning without having done squat, and thereby ensure Barack Obama's election as president.

    Obama then kills Osama. Simple but deviously clever, when you think about it.

    I told you the old guy was nuts back in the Republican primary in 2000. They did something to him in 'Nam.


    There are so many pictures like this out there on the web. He is such a grouchy old man.

    I think senility was sneaking in around 2000 or so and it keeps getting worse.

    I honestly believe he does not even know when he is flop-flopping!

    William it is very evident how hard it is for you to mention the current presidents name.  Let me help you, it is Barrack Obama! Try it. Cleanse yourself.

    Seems hard for you to spell the current President's name.

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