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    The worst thing I can do to Andrew Breitbart

    According to pretend journalist Andrew Breitbart, “The worst thing you can do …in politically correct America…is accuse somebody of being a (sic) racism.”

    Let’s see if I can make it a little worser:

    Andrew Breitbart is a cowardly racist.

    Pass it on.


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    Just watched the Blumenthal video. Breitbart was clearly losing it, but I have to say that Larry O'Connor made Blumenthal squirm.

    (Better hope that he doesn't come round here.)

    I don't know if Breitbart is a cowardly racist, but I read somewhere that he gets together regularly with Matt Drudge and Canadian PM Stephen Harper to drink beer to excess. That's virtually as bad, right? Who'd want to sit around with a drunk Drudge and a drunk Harper? Eeeew. Although Harper can apparently talk hockey even when he's pissed to the gills. So he might be OK.

    Breitbart is a socialism, a fascism and TWO racisms! Ha!

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