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    Blowing Smoke in New York: Tuesday, December 14th at Barnes & Noble

    Keeping it virtual is great, but tomorrow, New Yorkers and other denizens of the Tri-State Area will have an opportunity to see Genghis live, uncut, uncensored, unplugged, and undressed. (Update: Upon advice from his lawyer, his publicist, and his mother, Genghis will remind dressed.)

    Come listen to him read from his critically acclaimed, mindblowingly brilliant, mouthwaterlingy scrumptious masterpiece Blowing Smoke: Why the Right Keeps Serving Up Whack-Job Fantasies about the Plot to Euthanize Grandma, Outlaw Christmas, and Turn Junior into a Raging Homosexual.

    Watch with awe as Genghis singlehandedly, underhandedly, and backhandedly reveals the truth behind Grandma's demise, Santa's arrest, and Junior's remarkably tidy bedroom.

    Is Glenn Beck insane? Will the right wing win? Will Genghis ever stop referring to himself in the third person?

    Find out at 7pm, Tuesday, December 14th at the Barnes & Noble on 82nd and Broadway.

    PS For those not fortunate enough to live within Genghis's immediate vicinity, the reading will be broadcast on C-SPAN2 at a later date to be determined. The juicy bits might be cut, though.



    What will Genghis be wearing?  Clothes matter.

    Congratulations, whoever you are.  Genghis in the third person when the real, true author is Michael Wolraich?  This is too confusing.  I hope you'll leave that third (or fourth) person behind when you enter those B&N doors. Okay?

    Your book has seen more eyes than Idaho--and that's just in my family.  You're a hit here in the immediate hinterlands, if that means anything.  I'm ordering your book for my cousin in rough, tough Republican Arizona, and I'm thinking I won't even have to wrap it, what with the words "Grandma" and "Christmas", and the red and white theme with just a hint of blue.  She'll love it.

    Really--I wish you the best. Can't wait for the C-Span interview.  Don't be shy about announcing it when the time comes. Wink

    Genghis, good luck, and please let us know about C-Span. I wish I were close enough to come hear you. I wonder if that is the location which added a rare and collectible book section. If you happen to see such I would appreciate knowing it.

    Oh no! Please, pleeaase don't cave in to the Conspirators and keep your clothes off! That will make the event more legendary than the Sleep-In!

    (Who hasn't wondered what his/her coworker looks like naked?)

    If you ever come to Houston I'd love to hear you give a reading / talk as long as I can get in writing beforehand a promise that you will remain clothed.

    You rocked the Barnes and Noble!  Good turnout for a cold night, too!

    Who showed up and who were they wearing?

    I was there, wearing a black trenchcoat (Express) fingerless weightlifting gloves (Harbinger) and a black fedora (H&M) and also a baby (me and my wife).

    Michael Wolraich was sharply dressed but not in the big collared shirt that changes colors.

    The rest of the crowd was over the top fashionable.  Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs dominated the proceedings.  Also there was a cop, just trying to get out of the cold and two homeless dudes.

    Jacobs got in a fight with one of the homeless dudes at the after-party. The cop got called in to break it up. And then they all started singing YMCA.

    Zing! Nice one.

    That would be the baby and the fingerless weightlifting gloves along the right edge.

    More pics here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=33915&id=139987429375440

    Hah, you got him! I thought he was making it up, after all, he wants to be a novelist and the description was an outfit right out of Columbine High School's outsiders club, or maybe "Rocky."  Nice chubby pinchable cheeks on the destor jr. there, destor. Obviously, you finally got down the  feeding him well thing. Smile

    Big hugs, double a.

    Thanks, Genghis!

    And how many went straight to Zabar's afterwards?

    And how come Page Six didn't cover it?

    I thought about it.  But Genghis got most of them to go to a bar in the opposite direction.  I had to get the little one home.  Page Six is not aware of the existence of these "books" we're talking about, unless Nicole Richie is the author of one.  Which, I learned last night, she is.  Nicole Richie has written a novel and I have not.  I feel very, very bad about that.

    On the other hand, I also spied a book called subtitled "A Road Trip With David Foster Wallace."  That looks like fun!

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