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    Prime Time Persecution

    Anyone on television talking about how they're being persecuted for their religion is not being persecuted. How do I know this?

    Because they are on television.


    Buuuut they are victims, victims I tell you!

    And they drove to the studio in their SUVs to tell you about it.

    Well, Hell. . .you got 'em there. 

    Good job, Doc.

    Before I clicked to read the rest of this post, I thought, "Well, he's said it all right there, hasn't he?"

    I just love being right. (And exceptionally well said!)


    Not sure what the background is here, but surely people who are victims of various kinds of injustice sometimes succeed in getting on television to complain about it.

    I hear there is a new reality show called "Christ on a Cross Academy Awards"

    Indeed. Well put, Doc. 

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