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    TPM Book Club: Blowing Smoke


    Talking Points Memo Cafe is hosting a book club for Blowing Smoke. A couple of dagblog regulars, including Michael Maiello (destor23) and Michael Orion Powell (Orion) will be participating along with a few other experts in the field, so it should be a great discussion.

    The book club will run until Friday. Please join the conversation at http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/tpmcafe-book-club/.

    And don't forget to give the articles a rec for old times sake.

    PS I know, my smiling pic isn't showing up for some reason



    michael wolraich should hustle back to being a software architect.  His piece on CNN about Homeland security was a snore.

    I'm sorry...what?  Did you say something?  Wink

    We get really harsh comments from anonymous posters. 

    Anon, in what way was it a snore?  Please explain.

    I can explain. It was so utterly boring that this person felt the need to google me to find out my prior profession and then come over to dagblog to insult me.

    It's funny, I thought that the CNN piece was innocuous enough, but it seemed provoke a lot of rage.

    Unencumbered by any actual data (didn't see the piece) it's engendering envy in me...CNN don't give a shit what I have to say on any topic whasoever...jus' sayin'

    Rage is where it's at.  If you can't muster rage, what good is the thing? 

    But what I want to know is, why are there so many people called Anonymous?  Of all the screen names you could choose, why would anyone choose Anonymous?  It sort of takes the wind out of whatever they have to say, doesn't it?  Sort of like shouting from behind a locked door.  Nobody can see you so you can say any damned thing you want.  Fun, but on the other hand, who takes seriously someone who is Anonymous? 

    Yeah, the only thing worse is "Anonymous (not verified)." Where you're trying to pass for a nonentity and people still think you don't meet the minimum requirements.

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