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    To ask or not to ask ... these are the questions ....

    I certainly hope this Hamlet-inspired edition of the question column pleaseth the millions (or at least the hundredths of daggers) and not be caviare to the general ... (btw, it's caviar, not murder, that is most foul, both in concept and taste).

    1. Something is rotten in the state of [Dagblog]?

    2. A dream itself is but a shadow?

    3. O most pernicious woman! O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain?

    4. When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions?

    5. To be honest as this world goes is to be one man picked out of ten thousand?

    6. Doubt that the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love?

    7. We go to gain a little patch of ground, that hath in it no profit but the name?

    8. Neither a borrower nor a lender be?

    9. This above all: to thine own self be true?

    10. The rest is silence?


    1. Let's just say you knew someone who always had fairly bad body odor. Would you tell them and how would you approach the subject? (No, Genghis this isn't about you; I enjoy your particular scent. But I once had this problem with a dormmate in college, and I feel bad that we never said anything to the poor chap.)

    "Yo! You sleep with the pigs?"

    Any other thoughts (tho i appreciate the idea, marquis!) - Is it better to humiliate someone with body odor by pointing out their problem or staying mum and subjecting them to further ostracization down the road? It's one thing to point out someone's fly is open, but body odor could be an issue they're aware of and can't do anything about ...

    I have a horrible sense of smell (or at least I don't bother to register bad smells).  My college roommate had a hyper-sensitive nose.  Turns out, my feet have a tendency to stink.  Fortunately, we were good friends, so after we'd lived together about a month, she rather embarrassedly informed me of the foot issue.  Turned it into our own private joke. "OMG, that *bothers* you?  Ok, I'll totally make sure to wear socks."  Actually, that was the same roommate who taught me that not everyone can sleep through the sound of a door closing -- some people are light enough sleepers that you have to, very gingerly, turn the handle, before softly shutting the door and releasing it.

    So, don't feel too bad about your college dormmate.  I'm sure somewhere along the line, someone else clued him in.  But in general, as a bad-scent-impaired person, it's not nearly as personal a thing as you smellers think it might be.  "Oh, the garbage is stinky?  Heh.  Had no idea." (Walks over to bin, sticks nose in all the way, inhales deeply.) "Huh, I think you're right about that.  Ok, sure, I'll take it out." 

    My college roommate first year had a terrible skin disease. (This is true.) His skin rotted off, literally turned brown and came off, in patches. The whole floor stank after a while. Guy was a complete genius though. Age 16, started off in 4th year Music and Math. Earned his college cash going to Vegas and counting cards. Frightening. But he WAS a big weak on the social skills (and this is ME talking, ok?) So... first we told him. He ignored us. After that, we dragged him to the shower, entire coed floor cheering us on, hosed him down. When that was ruled illegal, we took to spraying him down with Lysol as he slept. What a prick. We had to alternate LP's. He'd play Dvorak, I'd play Neil Young. etc. Needless to say, eventually I smelled like a pale version of him, right down to the Lysol. Didn't work out so great with the chicks.

    Yeah, I tried to blame it on a stinky roommate with a skin disease too.

    2. So the other day I found this video tape of a high school video I made for an English class extra credit assignment I did with a couple of friends. While watching it, I felt like I remembered events from that day of filming, but how much of my 'memory' do you think was real and how much was me thinking I remembered the day because I was watching the video? In other words, do you think we have our entire lives stored in our memory banks, there for retrieval if we could only find a trigger?

    I was reading some article about an autistic fellow who was handicapped by remembering everything. When he read, he lost track of plot because he was impelled to visualize chunks of the raw text as an image and commit it to memory. I frequently watch old movies and find that while I remember certain parts very clearly, other parts have left no impression.

    Is this "in general," or in your case?

    I meant in general. do our brains store everything that happens to us so that if we get a powerful enough trigger, we could recall any moment in our life accurately? or are some moments never 'captured' ...

    i'm just curious cause while watching that old video, I feel like i remember moments from that day when we were filming - moments that weren't on the video - but im wondering if im REALLY remembering those moments or just filling in the gaps with scenes that i think must have been something like what happened ...

    Actually Deadman, if you search hard enough, you'll find the entire lives of OTHER people stored there too. Not EVERYONE'S though, that'd be ridiculous. But usually, 3, maybe 4, other people's. Me? I got that Nice Mr Hilter, my grandson Garth, Dijamo's and 1/2 of Genghis'. Let's just say I got some kinda nightmares.

    3. Do you think Sarah Palin runs in 2012? If so, how far does she make it - early primaries, late primaries, nomination, White House?

    If she runs, she'll be done after Iowa. Whether or not her gigantic ego allows her to understand this and get out of the race, remains to be seen. I think she'll have a problem raising money, so she may not even get that far.

    you don't know ANYTHING!!!!!!! when sarah wins you'll have gigantic eg-o all over your face-o. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!!!!!!! iowa republican people are super smart!!!! like last time they voted for the funny arkansaw guy who no one thought was going to win b/c he totally has their values. and sarah has iowa republican people values even more than the arkansaw guy. not like old john mccain. plus, she's going to study super hard for 4 years so she'll get all the questions right. and maybe megabitch katie couric will try to interview her again and sarah will make her look so stupid that she'll pee her pants on TV and lose her job and turn into a homeless person. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Does the KKK party have primaries?

    4. What was the saddest moment in your life (Mine: Visiting my grandfather in the hospital after his stroke ... That was my first true understanding of death and dying)?

    I haven't had a saddest moment. Unfortunately, mine has been stretched across a number of years, in slowly losing my mom to Alzheimer's.

    nov 4. i cried for like 8 hours straight CryCry!!!!!! but then i knew that i had to be strong like sarah KissKissKiss and focus all my positive energy on the next time!!!! and i need to send her lots of positive thoughts LaughingLaughing for 4 years to help kick election ass be the first woman president!!!!!!!!

    hey dead guy, u r a total FrownFrownFrownFrown!!! u need therapy or something!!!!! i'll send u some positive energy too but not too much b/c i need it for sarah!!!!

    5. Have you ever cheated? At what? Have you ever been caught?

    In junior high, I let somebody cheat off of my test once. We didn't get caught. And I shared answers (both given and received) on homework in high school. Does that count?

    yes it counts. i don't remember ever engaging in an involved form of cheating (like having test answers written on my hand or anything like that), but I know I often would take furtive glances at other's people tests (i usually called it confirmation rather than cheating). and when genghis holds his cards at poker way open in front of him, i can't help but look (and sometimes I even tell him!).

    i was never caught taking peeks i don't think, but i remember in sophomore English class, my teacher was highly suspicious that I cheated on this Macbeth quote test because i got 100%. It just so happens that the book I got from the school had almost all of the quotes that ended up being on the test underlined so I ended up focusing a lot on those when i was studying (maybe hoping that these were somehow going to be on the test but having no way of knowing). I think he thought I somehow got an old copy of the test from my brother, who had him about 5 years earlier.

    No. Why? Did someone say something?

    OMG!! have i ever NOT cheated! only total losers don't cheat!!!

    Apparently you haven't seen my scores on the playfish games... If I cheated to get those, I would be cheating stupid.

    6. Is romantic love anything more than chemicals and hormones in your brain firing through a certain mechanism that gives you pleasure? If it is, what else is it? If it isn't, does the fact that you feel that way make romantic love any less meaningful? What about other forms of love (child-parent, friend, etc.?) ... are those, too, purely biological and chemical emotions?

    I'm not sure it's all biological and chemical. All animals have those instincts and they're not all capable of sustained love, although it appears that a few are, besides us. If it was all chemical, we'd probably stop thinking about kids after they could survive on their own, and our friends would only be those who were in close physical proximity. (Our pack, so to speak.) I don't know that I believe in romantic love. I think it's a literary construct gone bad.

    Romantic love usually brings more pain than pleasure. Sometimes the pain comes early, sometimes late.

    If we are nothing more than automata, then love is nothing more than one subroutine. Same with parental love and friendship. If we are more than the sum of our parts, love is a reflection of that.

    "Romantic love usually brings more pain than pleasure. Sometimes the pain comes early, sometimes late."

    Wow, that made me sad. I'm not saying romantic love doesn't usually or maybe always end in pain (but arent the good moments often greater than or equal to the pain that arise,s even if they can't match it in intensity)

    and as far as your second point, well, what do YOU think... are we more than automata, more than the sum of our parts? I don't consider myself religious, but I still think we are.

    Don't be sad. I'm reading a book about an oft-disappointed man and it is dredging up memories of all my failed romances.

    I'm programmed to think we're more than automata.

    Mind-body dualists are so confused.

    I'm confused, but only because I'm not sure I know what that means. Can you explain?

    Hmm... I think maybe romantic love is lust plus familial love. I suppose love in general is expressed chemically/biologically, and influences our biology and chemistry, but it doesn't exist exclusively in those realms.

    Anything MORE? What... you need MORE? Damn.

    7. If you had the means, do you think this is a good time to buy a house?

    Yes, but a small, energy-efficient house, well within your means.

    But travel time from my apartment to work is 8 minutes ... oh... and I own it.

    As long as you plan on living there 5-10 years and can afford a cache of emergency mortgage payments as well as a decent-sized downpayment.  Though I think the market will continue to improve (from my perspective, as a non-owner) for a while.

    No chance. Full stop.

    8. OK, we know there is blame to go around on all sides, but if you had to give a percentage to it: How much blame for our current economic mess lies with the people who took on too much debt and signed ridiculous mortgages without reading (or caring about) the fine print and how much lies with the banks that made the loans?

    I'm shy about ravishing this virgin post, but it's irresistible. That Shakespeare guy sure could write him some, eh?

    My son got married this year, and asked me to do a "reading." I chose Polonius's well-meaning homily to his own son. It's jam-packed with advice like this, much of which oddly stands the test of time.

    I then noted that, despite the wisdom of his words to his son, Polonius proceeds foolishly to get himself stabbed dead while hiding behind a curtain in a woman's bedroom. It got a chuckle from the wedding guests.

    The house-flippers were greedy, but the banks leveraged themselves to ridiculous proportions. Nevertheless some sort of recession was bound to accompany energy depletion.

    duh!!!! it's all b/c of those acorn people who made the banks give money to the poor black people even tho they knew they would never pay it back.

    Snow white ate the apple without asking about the poison, but it was her evil step-mom who made the poison.

    The correct answer is 80% greedy (ignorant) people and 20% greedy banks. we have to stop absolving people of personal responsibility. If you are signing something you don't understand, then that is your fault. no one put a gun to your head. Should government have been more involved to try and stop what happened? Absolutely. But that still doesn't absolve you from making a bad decision. The reason I give 20% to the banks is that the only way this became a problem was that it became systemic, when everybody was signing mortgages and taking on debt they couldn't pay back and that was only possible because of widespread industry malpractice.

    Dude. Two names on every mortgage contract. Borrower and lender. So you gotta split that 50/50. And the banks signed shit they DID understand.

    that's a good point! i buy it ...

    9. When you were a young child, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you're not that now, why not?

    I remember thinking, "Wow, I could live into the 21st century!"

    So far, so good.

    When I was young, I changed my mind a lot. I didn't really form any strong attachments to any career until I was in high school. At that point it was a toss up...I was either going to be a lawyer or a high school band director. I have up the music thing early in my college career, but the lawyer thing lingered until a couple of years after college when it was time to make the decision about law school. Ultimately, I decided that I would probably love law school but hate being a lawyer. So, I'm not. While I was still in college, law school was the path to getting elected to office. I wanted that too. Until I got a job on a campaign staff for a governor's race and realized that politicians, and especially political operatives, would eat their own young to get ahead. Not. For. Me.

    Nothing firm. I wanted to be whatever I watched or read. One evening in my early teens, I made the dizzying realization that in a few years I would have to pay my own way. I lay on my bed as the enormity sunk in.

    a supermodel!!!! but now i'm older and i know that its important to use your brain too. that's why i want to be a political commenter but also still a supermodel with my own show like tyra!

    I more or less made it.

    i remember wanting to be ball player, but quickly realized i didn't have the skills (i do wish I had learned the value of working out earlier, while my body was maturing).

    I also remember wanting to be a sportscaster, but I dont have the voice.

    Also actor, novelist, screenwriter, TV show host; these are other professions I sometimes wish I pursued/want to pursue and didn't/haven't.

    But the main problem for me is NOTHING clearly stood out as being something I must do or love to do more than anything else. i've always been superjealous of those driven people who know very clearly from an early age what it is they were meant to do and then pursue it at all costs.

    I wanted to be a writer.  And an Olympic swimmer.  Then I realized how much work writing is and detoured into technology instead.  Not sure how I never it made it to the Olympics, though.

    10. Which option do you think best describes what happens after you die: a) Nada/You become fertilizer b) Heaven/hell/purgatory (some sort of traditional unearthly afterlife) c) Reincarnation d) Other (please explain)?

    Jennifer Love Hewitt tells you to stop looking at her chest and go towards the light.

    If it was a choice between love's chest and the light, i'm not sure I'd head in the right direction ...

    TRain ride to hell... I can't find the video for the version I have in mind

    I think I saw that on the Twilight Zone.

    A, C, and D.

    You become a memory, an influence. 

    ... a barely-remembered page in a dusty book.

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