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    My First Short Story in a While

    As previously mentioned, I have a new short story out this month: my first in 21 years. I am very happy about this. And, as promised, here's a taste and a link to the full piece. I hope you enjoy it.

    The thing that broke your heart was, he could still fly. Nothing else to call it. There he was in those silly clothes, going wherever he pleased and not falling, as if gravity were just some tired social pretense and he’d grown too old to bother. But it wasn’t the same.


    Incredible story, doc. You mentioned in your last post that you're a better Shakespeare scholar than you are a fiction writer. All I can say is that you must be one hell of a scholar.

    Thanks, G. You’re too kind.


    I liked the sixth floor limit.  

    I thought that was such a brilliant, Vonnegutty touch.

    And thanks, mm. Never bad being compared to Vonnegut.

    Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed that.

    I reread it ,combining that with a first reading of  "Writing short fiction then and now" . 

    Consequently the two combined  in  way  that  affected something . I won't  reach to try over-  explaining  that except  that in a backwards way it reminded  me of  " A poem should not mean, but be"  .But to refute it.

    The  craftsman of "Writing short fiction...."  casually insinuated himself as an ink- stained -wretch (sorry) in today's reading matter-of-factly  normalizing the fantastic events.

    It certainly worked for me.

    Hmm. I think I get it. My blog voice started to mix with the voice of the story's narrator? I can certainly see how that would happen.

    Thanks for the extra reads!

    Three times. With admiration.

    Merry Christmas!

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