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    Playing Hooky

    Just wanted you all to know that I had cataract surgery in one eye and will be doing the other eye next Tuesday.  Still having some trouble reading anything longer than a couple of sentences, but that's no excuse for not keeping the headlines up to date.  Sorry about that!  I gave myself the wet noodle treatment so you don't have to.

    Working on a blog, too, but it's slow going.  But I must say, the colors are really nice this fall--at least out of my left eye.



    I had cataract surgery a number of years ago.  The first surgery, (This was before I lost the sight in my right eye due to Prednisone induced glaucoma), was done by my opthalmologist, who was a lovely, extremely competent, if somewhat short woman ... She was under 5 feet by a couple of inches.  Because of my fused neck and spine, due to my Ankylosing Spondylitis, and the way they had to position me, she ended up having to stand on a box to do the surgery... Even under the anesthetic, I couldn't help but laugh at what I imagined was the image.    For the second surgery,  on my other eye, she referred me to an older, (and much taller), surgeon. 

    There was something interesting about seeing Life as an impressionist painting... but trying to read the title cards to silent and / or foreign movies on TV was frustrating...

    Feel better ... And keep using those eye drops.




    I had cataract surgery twice, 2002 and 2011?

    The first time I was lost.

    I mean I could not see ANYTHING!

    The last  time I entered the hospital and I had no idea what they were doing.

    It was like entering a car wash. hahahaha

    They did not listen to one thing I said, I was just led around and told to shut up.

    I ended up on a bus with an eye patch and somehow got home.

    Some lady a decade over me gave me a dollar so I could stay on the bus.

    I was so buzzed, I did not realize what had happened to me until long after I ended home.

    Sorry, this comment just led me to a memory or memories.

    However, I CAN SEE!


    I imagine you can be a handful when you are medicated.  LOL  I bet your train of thought was real interesting and maybe the nurse didn't have much sense of humor that day. 

    My take on all of this is that the nurses cannot afford humor. hahahaha

    I just know that following both surgeries, I could see.

    There is nothing really of relevance here!


    The experience is something else.

    To be legally blind and then to SEE?

    These physicians are wondrous!


    Wow, Richard, I wish I had a great story about mine.  But I really enjoyed yours.  Thanks!

    You made me laugh, picturing the little doc on the box.  I'm about five feet myself but I don't do surgery so it's okay.

    The eyedrops are crazy!  But I do what I'm told, so again. . .it's okay.

    I was thinking about you.  I am glad you are getting better.  Just drop us a line from time to time to let us know how you are doing. 

    Doing fine, Momoe.  Feeling a little foolish making such a fuss about so little. Ha!

    Cataract surgery, pah! I've blogged my way through the flu, measles, two broken shins, a dislocated pelvis, TB, cowpox, gout, delusions of grandeur, and a hangover of biblical proportions. Grow a pair, Mona.

    PS I'd offer to fill in, but I'm on vacation in Istanbul. Also, my back is a little sore.

    PPS Ok, fine, I'll fill in

    PPPS Be well, and good luck next Tues.

    Nah, I don't need you to fill in.  You just have a grand time wherever you are.  I'm fine.  And I'll be even finer when I can see out of both eyes.  Can't wait!

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