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    InBloguration: My President

    I read The Audacity of Hope a few years back. Before that, I heard Barack Obama's 2004 convention speech and I followed his Senate campaign. I had only been gone from Chicago for two years at that point, and I still felt like Illinois politicians were my politicians. 

    I remember thinking somewhere along the line, that when (when, not if) Obama decided to run for president that he would win. I was certain. I don't know why. I don't claim any special insight into, well, anything. I don't have ESP. Nobody came to me in a dream. I just knew. I was certain. As certain as I've been of anything in my entire life.

    I didn't think he would run as soon as he did. I don't think he probably thought he would run as soon as he did. But the minute the rumblings about his campaign began, I was excited. I started talking to everybody I knew in Indiana about how I thought he would be a great president. I lent Audacity to people and demanded to get it back, so I could give it to the next friend.

    I knocked on a lot of doors, I gave more money that I could afford, and I put bumper stickers on my car, which prior to last year I would have been adamantly against. I did office work, I registered voters. I did everything I could possibly think of to help get him to the White House.

    And all along the way, I knew. When things would get crazy and I'd start to feel the doubt creeping in, I'd find that place of certainty inside myself and I'd calm down. Because I just knew.

    It took a long, long time and it was hard. And as Obama's fortunes rose, the country's fortunes became increasingly imperiled. But he did win, just as I knew he would. Today, I am in Pennsylvania, a weekend pit stop on my journey to Washington. Right this very second, I'm watching on CNN as Obama gives his speech in Philadelphia. I don't know whether Obama will be able to solve these problems we have that seem so insurmountable. Today, I have doubt and there is no place of certainty in which to find comfort.

    But what I do know is that we again have a leader who makes me want to care at least as much about my country and my world as I do about myself. He makes me feel that I am a part of something much larger than myself. And, he makes me believe that together, we might be able to accomplish anything.


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