Keep Calm & Carry On, ISIS Edition (pt 2)

    Not quite the #2 I'd planned, but in checking on progress for Mosul, I noted RT (Russia Today) continually using the term "indiscriminate strikes" when describing US/allied shelling and street action. Among their continued "3rd party independent" verifiers of this was a group called "Airwars". Having no knowledge of this group, did a quick Google and came up with a number of links, including this Radio Free Europe (US government-funded) interview of the head of Airwars, Chris Woods. Surprising or not, Woods attributes much more civilian damage from the Russian air strikes - something you wouldn't gather from the RT report. Woods also uses a number of 900 US civilian deaths, about 40% of the RT figures of 2400 they ascribe to Airwars, though this may be the difference between deaths in Syria vs. those across Syria & Iraq (including Mosul, obviously).

    Anyway, the war's being fought not just on the ground & in the air, but also in the daily reporting and linked social media. Caveat Lector.

    Stay tuned for #3.


    I dunno



    The US doesn't kill people, Syrians kill people or Muslims kill people or....

    One thing I do know

    Repubs kill people.


    The media is the enemy

    And the enemy is us.


    Remember, a pencil can be more dangerous than an Uzi in the wrong hands. I remember as a kid someone lost a slipper in a nuclear power station, shut the thing down for 2 years. "Accidents will happen, always hit-and-run" indeed.

    "In man's evolution he's created the city
    And the motor traffic rumble.
    But give me half a chance and I'd be taking off my clothes 
    And living in the jungle."





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