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    Name This Blogger

    Hey folks. I think that I need a new handle to maintain parity with the other "men" at this site, and I'm taking suggestions. It doesn't have to start with G, but it would be nice to maintain some connection to the name of the blog

    Current candidates:

    • G-man
    • Grooveyman
    • Unman
    • Gingerbreadman
    • Gingerman

    Unman is my fav, but it doesn't start with G. After that I like Gingerman for the gingerbread and literary references. I would probably use this image as my avatar:

    Image icon gingerman.jpeg11.84 KB


    I like groovyman, goes with the shirt Laughing

    I'm thinking Wingman, named for the wing-like collar on your shirt.

    Or Gladman since you look pretty happy and satisfied in the picture and your posts usually have an infusion of humor.

    And this could be your theme song. Laughing

    I like Wingman. "Glad" has already been claimed by a certain blogger at TPM. I think that I'll leave him his name. But I am glad to see you at dagblog.

    I vote for Gingerman because I agree with A-man that it is one of the coolest bars in Chicago. Also, you could change your haircolor in your pic to match your new name. LisB can tell you how.

    I think either Gingerman or Groovyman (no e) are pretty good. If you go with Gingerman, I'd try to find a Avatar from Gilligan's Island!

    Other suggestions:

    Goodman (too bland, untrue Laughing )

    Grokman (it fits with blogging, kind of retro and futuristic)

    Ghostman (too close to deadman?)

    Gutterman (where your head is)



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