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    Wolfrum Morning: Let’s get Raptured, Baby

    You only have a couple days left. Make them count.


    Meh: Screw it, the Rapture is coming. The Rapture Index is at 182, for God’s sake!

    Personal Note

    I’ll be assembling the links at Mike’s Blog Round-Up at Crooks and Liars starting the week of May 22. Even if there’s a Rapture, it’s not like it would lose all that many readers, anyway.


    Mock, Paper, Scissors: Let Newt get this all straight, ok?

    Fifteen Minute Philosophers: Let’s get Cartesian.

    The Daily Beast: Dominique Strauss-Kahn resigned as the head of the International Monetary Fund.

    Atrios: Bill Keller’s Internet was called an intern.

    Wayback Machine

    Hell, the Rapture Came and went three weeks ago.



    Think of the Rapture as a good thing. The herd does need whittled down some.


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    Why does this whole thing sound like the snot nosed bratty kid who keeps saying "Just you wait till my big brother gets home. You'll get yours boy. Ya...just you wait."

    Of course big brother has no desire or intention of getting involved since he can't stand the little brat either.

    Admittedly, my Biblical scholarship is a bit on the weak side, but don't only saved Christians go away after the Rapture? It's already hotter than the sun where I currently reside, so from here, it looks like after Saturday, the weather will be much the same but the sanctimony will be greatly reduced. Sounds pretty good to me.

    I had a similar sticker on my million-year-old Volvo wagon; it said Come the Rapture  Can I Have Your Car?  It was shocking how many times I'd get to my car after shopping and find a Christianist waiting by my car to nail me over it.  Many were hard to talk down from their high-dudgeon hysterics.  I'd even try, "I'm pimping myself as not righteous enough to GO, don't you get it?"  They may have suspected that it wasn't all the truth....   ;o) 

    It's really not Biblical, Orlando, though many Chrisianists use Biblical quotes to try to prove it is.  It was based on a Presbyterian minister running with some dreams by the ailing Scottswoman Margaret McDonald, but it was discounted after the Rapture didn't occur in 1845 or something.  Another minister named Darby took it up, and made it popular with the burgeoning Pentecosal movement (they speak in tongues and all). 

    Some people say the roots were laid by some Jesuits who were charged with coming up with some refutations to the Great Protestant Reformation.

    Aah, Wolfie,

    You should note that the picture of the red headed girl on this blog could actually entice some people into sinning right before the rapture, don't you? Who are you workin' for?


    Yeah, the wisecracks about old guys propositioning young women makes me imagine Strauss-Kahn running naked and wrinkly out of the Sofitel bathroom.

    FYI, the actress in the photo is Emma Stone from Easy A--a teen movie but smart and funny with some sharp parody about young women as sex symbols.

    Rapture, Strauss, blah blah...why aren't you writing about the important stuff like the fact that Ashton Kutcher is going to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.  Now that's news.

    I think they should flash forward to when Jake (Angus Jones) has visitation with the illegitimate son he fathers by following Uncle Charlie's (Sheen) example. Then Grampa Alan (Jon Cryer) can try to keep perennially unemployed Jake off meth while he changes diapers on his grandson (Justin Bieber).

    And the beauty part is, on Sunday, you can telephone all your holier-than-thou evangelical friends and say: "What? You're still here?!  Wha's up with that?" (Then break into your evil laugh: Mwahhahaaaaaaaaa...)

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