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    Wolfrum's Morning: Nothing in Common

    There was nothing to the Common story.

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    If you think the right-wing isn't still embroiled in its endless culture war, the non-story of hip-hop star Common reading poetry at the White House should convince you otherwise. With eleventy-million important issues in front of them, Conservatives pounce on this? It's not just weak. It's flat-out racist.


    Bin Laden's Diary: Seems that the terrorist mastermind thought a lot about terrorism. Go figure. Also: He had a big crush on the little red-headeded girl in his class.

    Mississippi Flooding: The Mississippi River continues its destructive flow.

    Holocaust Trial: John Demjanjuk gets five years. Pat Buchanan has a sad.


    Celtics-Heat: Did Miami over-celebrate it's win over the Boston Celtics? Who cares? Last night's game was an epic battle, and Lebron haters across the nation needed something to whine about, is all.

    Tractor: RIP Robert "Tractor" Traylor.

    Thunderous: Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are living up to their promise as an up-and-coming title contender. It won't happen this year, tho.


    "Breaking: Bronx Zoo chucking animals over the wall hoping someone will create parody Twitter accounts about them."



    Some old-school Common sense.


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    Yeah. Various Foxes are saying that the President invited a "thug" to the White House -- this after they elected 2 ACTUAL THUGS for 2 terms"

    I, for one, am offended that you would highlight the rap music from such a controversial fellow. Are you aware that he once recited a poem calling for the brutal murder of the US President by conflagration? ARE YOU!!?!?!?!!!!!!!


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