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    Wolfrum's Morning: That'll Learn Ya

    You don't need no education.


    Koch Education: Seems Charles Koch gave Florida State University's economic department $1.5 million. Which means he now controls who gets hired, who doesn't and what they teach.

    Microsoft Buys Skype: Soon, you can get viruses right through your headset!

    Libya: Bombs, death and such.

    The Honorable Thing: Japan's Prime Minister won't accept his salary until the nuclear disaster is over. And one major disaster is enough for the nuclear industry in Japan.

    Syria: More than 700 have been killed thus far in the battle against an oppressive government. This humanitarian crisis we can just watch, however.


    Crooks & Liars: Jack Cafferty is catching on that Donald Trump's Presidential aspirations were never about winning. Or even running.

    Jesus' General: Support the Gospel of Teaparty Jesus.

    The Sideshow: One fine day.

    The Brad Blog: Help Brad make more enemies.

    Pharyngula: Teachers don't get to be people.


    He Won't Be Back: Seems Arnold Schwarzegger and Maria Shriver are calling it quits. Will Arnold and his steroid-depleted scrotum find love again?

    Feeling the Heat: Lebron James and crew take a big step toward ending the Boston Celtics' season. Oklahoma City also triumphs, needing three overtimes to slay the Grizzlies.

    Cycling Tragedy: RIP Wouter Weylandt.


    Taylor Mali tells you what teachers make.


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