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    A 180 On ADHD

    There's a lot of theories abounding about why men are largely no longer participating in the world. The phenomenon does not just entail the school shooter, the incel or other wayward young men but is global and across age ranges. It's largely men you see selling things on the corner, living in a tent, dealing drugs or committing crimes. The phenomenon is literally called "failure to launch." Businesses have been set up to provide therapy for this "condition" and it's literally been called "failure to launch syndrome."

    Look at this post from AARP, where the writer posts "You raised him to leave, but he's still there. What to do about the young man on the sofa."

    When one man is stuck on the sofa, it's a disorder. When millions are, it's a social issue that needs to be addressed. 

    There's an array of explanations for this. One generation of men was put on prescription antidepressants, known to have detrimental effects on younger people. Those drugs have now largely been tapped over to women, with psychiatrists saying that disorders like ADHD are "underdiagnosed" in women. In fact, the study seems to imply that women who overachieve have something wrong with them: 

    Underdiagnosis of ADHD in women has its roots in childhood. Girls with ADHD tend to try harder than their male counterparts to compensate for and cover up symptoms. To keep up their grades, girls are often more willing to put in extra hours of studying and to ask their parents for help.

     Meanwhile, in a dramatic 180, it's now being advised to show confidence in the ability of young men: 

    Set expectations for helping around the house. “Anytime an emerging adult is living at home, it’s important that they contribute to the household just like any other adult,” Arnett says. Chores like taking out the trash, serious cleaning, household repairs, responsibility for pets, and shopping and cooking are all possibilities. “Show your adult kids that you have confidence in them,” Jay says. “Why wouldn’t he or she be capable of finding work, showing up every day, pitching in around the house? Millions of 20-somethings are doing it. Don’t send the message to your child that you think they cannot be one of them."

    It's truly incredible how society could do such dramatic 180s but there it is.


    Keep in mind psychiatry is still in its infancy and there are monsters among the group. I have zero confidence in this young man, for example. He launched, all right, launched as a monster. Not redeemable because he's not been raised to understand respect of other human beings or is mentally incapable of doing so. He no doubt suffered horrible abuse all the time he was growing up. If you could reverse him and start all over at age 2 with decent parents, probably. Otherwise, no. You can either lock them up or try to drug them into a stupor.

    Read the whole thing and note: Abrokwa has 22 prior unsealed arrests dating back to 1999, and dozens of sealed arrests, according to authorities and police sources.

    Do you just coddle and wait, and be understanding, like Adam Lanza's mother, until they shoot 26 people to death? I bet he did have chores like taking out the garbage...


    The Hiphop culture, the role model, is that you can become very wealthy and famous acting like this, like a two-year old, and it's great art or something like that:

    After Wednesday’s hearing, Ye released the video for his song “Eazy,” featuring The Game, that includes some disturbing claymation depicting himself burying Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live comedian and Kardashian’s boyfriend. The video ends with intertitles that read, “EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER / EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO / JK HE'S FINE.” (Skete is Ye’s pet name for Davidson). 


    P.S. Not going to buy any comparisons with the supposed "good old days" as if the bad boys didn't exist back then. They called them "juvies" and locked them up from the rest of society. Simply "troubled young men" from bad parenting were given to the military to be rectified, or not, by their drill sargent.  Those unsalvageable after either of those trials by fire were sent to do laundry work in the penitentiary or to make leather handicrafts in mental institution.

    Otherwise, you worked if you wanted to eat. Lots of people were kicked out of the house at 18 to fend for themselves if they didn't produce extra beyond their own upkeep for the family unit. Why keep them?.There were plenty of others around under 18.

    A lot of that which you are addressing is found in the fact that parents are supporting children way past the age of 18. It used to be the other way around! In both my parents' families, the adult children still at home were there to monetarily support their parents, the rest of them were on their own, usually married but sometimes not. 

    My father in turn, while encouraging everyone to go to college was sure as hell not going to pay for it, he couldn't, it wasn't even in his mind. My mother was big on forcing everyone out the door at 18, she thought that was a great thing that she wasn't able to accomplish until she got married. Used to read the comic strip "Apt.3G" religiously as it was about 3 single "career" women sharing an apartment, something she wished she could have been able to do, but as one of the younger daughters, was chained to supporting the aged parents with a job, until marriage 'saved" her.

    "about why men are largely no longer participating in the world" - this seems way overhyped. What % are we talking about? Male unemployment in Nov-Dec was 3.9%, rather respectable vs some past downturns I recall.


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