As for me was one of the most eloquent and historic presidential speeches I have ever seen. Really. I never expected that kind of greatness from him, never.

    Yes, take a few moments to think of all the people who had to let their loved ones die suffering alone and then without any of the usual closure rituals.


    now think about this one still alive:


    The most defining — and rejuvenating — characteristic of the new commander-in-chief is his extraordinary empathy. That’s because the 46th president really does feel your and our collective pain as a country — no gimmicks or shrills attached.

    — Alexander Heffner (@heffnera) February 23, 2021

    edit to add: In the thread, Heffner mentions that it's "confounding" that Biden has not visited Texas yet. But subsequently there has been an announcement that Biden will visit Friday.


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