59% Obama vote women

    Ayup, looks like 59% of Obama's vote was female voters in a highly gender defined election. Women made up about 54% of the voters and favored Obama 55-45, so roughly Obama's base is 59% women, 41% men.

    So will women get some of the love back, or will they have to fight tooth and nail (oops) for basics like use of contraception, proper health care, abortion rights, and some of the less "soft" non-reproductive-related issues that women might prefer?

    In short, will the Obama Administration recognize women as the majority of his base, and reward them the way elections are supposed to do? Inquiring minds want to know, operators standing by....


    Strangest demographic I have ever witnessed.

    Maybe next time we get a female Prez.

    Looks like she would have a pretty good shot.

    NYTimes analysis noted this was virtually no change from 2008, so I guess you could certainly call 55% of women a component of his base;  probably they are also are tried and true Dem voters and  probably no change there either. Pretty much been an unchanging standard since I've been following this election analysis stuff: count on wimmins to be slightly more left than men.

    It's not just 55% of women as his base, it's that the electorate is about 54% women and 55% of those voted for Obama. Correlate the 2 together and you get almost 60% of Obama's base as females.

    How many midgets, marathon runners, and cab drivers are in Obama's base? This kind of thing is being overanalyzed, and the reason for that is in the past justice and equality was reserved for only a selected few. That's what last night's election was about. America is Obama's base, and he's dedicated to bringing equal rights and justice to all. 

    Beg pardon, but women are not "midgets, marathon runners and cab drivers" - they're about 54% of the electorate and over half the population, and chances are you're married to one and have one as a parent. 

    "Overanalyzing" a group that's 54% of voters seems more warranted than the attention paid to Iowa and New Hampshire voters every 4 years.

    BTW, 24% of Obama's vote was black, only 2% of Rmoney's was. How 'bout them midgets. Maybe a jobs program focused on black unemployment this year?

    "America" is not Obama's base - much of it told Obama to fuck off in no uncertain terms years ago. This reaching across the aisles to people who abhor him while ignoring people who heartily supported and campaigned for him is why Obama's 1st term was so tepid and this election was so close.

    So for the 2/3 of Oklahomans and West Virginians who voted for Romney - coal in Christmas stockings for you this year.

    And I'm still interested in overanalyzing the Mississippi vote, where Obama got a seemingly high 43.6% of the vote despite only "1 of 10 white voters" - somehow I'm not sure exit polls are getting honest answers for which whites voted for a black man, but it seems a good trend. (Obama got only 38.4%, 36.9 & 40.6% in neighboring Alabama, Arkansas & Louisiana, resp.)

    [this misleading exit poll seemed to have also happened with Cuban-Americans supporting Obama instead of traditional right-wing candidates]

    Anyway, I'm more interested in what may be a sea change in Obama's attitude, both from Sandy and this election, that may point to a better 2nd term.

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