Belarus continues

    Protesters unveil new technique


    Grrrl power

    Russian humor

    Reed Galen of The Lincoln Project just retweeted this:

    He did not choose to add a comment like "hint, hint, BLM", left it up to the reader to decide why. I will note, however, that Lincoln Project's projects and tweets are often "engaging and fun."

    The Left's conspicuous fun often seems contrived and made for cameras and a fair bit mean-spirited, even while talking about so-called progressive values. I find family members on both the left or right hang up on me for the slightest affront to purity values - and I have a pretty goddamned tiny family.

    Lukashenka's in trouble

    UK too:

    BTW, I noticed that Rachel Maddow is covering this rather heavily. Nice side of her nerdiness is that when she latches on a story she has good researchers and drags her fan base into it. Maybe eventually out of that we get more foreign policy on what has become Trump 24/7 cable TV news

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