Belarus: women's crusade

    US media falling for pro-Russia propaganda?



    THIS! lol!

    So of the culture... 

    Yeah, Simonyan head of RT with her billion dollar budget, coming into Belarus claiming "I haven't seen any protests - I'm not going to go digging them out". They had a funny climb to acceptability for a while, at one point seemed they could be an Al Jazeera.

    Are the Caucusus the new Balkans? ISIS-Iraq-Turkey-Syria-Kurds was getting so moldy.
    (Is Azerbaijan-Armenia our new "countries over there we barely knew existed" focus for the next 2 months? or a distraction from any attention on Belarus? Though being just east of Poland, has a lot more significance in the EU & western news than countries east of Turkey by the Caspian Sea)

    Forget Cyprus...

    Protesters break curfew 

    "Iron my shirt" no longer plays well, Vlad.

    Russian journalist burns herself

    The Unbearable harassment of being a news person in Russia

    (short of RT or Sputnik)

    put all our "nightmares" in perspective:

    “What a nightmare,” Ilya Yashin, another Kremlin critic, wrote on Twitter. “All of these cases of police amusing themselves, these shows of men in masks – these are not games. The government is truly breaking people psychologically.”

    there's abuse and then there's ABUSE that can make someone want to burn themselves to death...


    And backgrounder:


    They just keep at it:

    Lukashenko's clowns are useless

    — Khodorkovsky Center (@mbk_center) October 4, 2020

    recommend to check out the rest of the thread and some of the comments! Especially Geoffrey from Uganda who says I wish the can sale this to the Ugandan government

    They thought it was Brooklyn in July.

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