Breach: Russian Hacking & Poisoning

    Placeholder for Russian security attacks, Navalny results...

    Thread on major hack:

    Oddly timed death of Congressional Putin pal affiliated with Rohrbacher.

    And just for character reference, Russia's sanctions for the Olympics for overt doping. Not very willing to play by the rules 


    Longer Navalny Novichok thread (+ Navalny video)

    With subtitles

    Mitt Romney making very loud noises about the hacking and Trump not acknowledging it, according to CNN right now. I went to his Twitter feed and found this:

    he retweeted this on his personal account as well as his "Senator" account.


    apparently Putin is trying to get Pompeo fired? or is it that Pompeo is only trying to make it look like Putin and him aren't buddies? (See I can conspiracize just like everyone else laugh)

    Trump contradicts Pompeo and downplays Russia-linked cyberattack on US @ Twitter events, your choice of many news links there; their summary

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that Russia was responsible for a cyberattack that embedded malicious code into US government software systems, as well as into other governments and companies around the world. Russian officials have since denied any such involvement in the cyberattacks. On Saturday, without providing evidence, President Trump implied that the media is focusing too much on Russia, when there is a "possibility that it may be China."

    Maybe Lindsey gets thrown under the bus, tho he stopped short of naming Pootie.

    Tim here has a sharp and very suggestive eye at picking out a sentence from this A.P. article. Guess who mighta done that?

    As Marcy noted, Olympic winning use of the passive tense.


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