Canada's Got Talent!

    Jenna Talackova becomes the first transgender woman to compete in the Miss Universe contest after Donald Trump reverses the decision to ban her.

    Her argument, that she knew she was female at 4, is rather convincing. That part of her conversion involved hormones has its implications for sports parallels, as the Olympics is already trying to find a balance. But apparently female hormones remove any advantages in body strength from male crossovers.

    In any case, there's nothing hormones can do to instill congeniality, the prize Talackova tied for despite losing the overall competition.

    Overall, I'm probably a bit bemused and bewildered - I typically don't find Miss Universes attractive and the overall pageant is none too thrilling, and I've permanently associated beauty pageants with Jo Benet Ramsey and Hole's "Live Through This". So I guess another step in my "Here she is, Miss(ter) America" transition. Vive la difference.



    This is one helluva human-interest story. Try telling me there isn't a book, movie and/or reality series looming. Talackova has achieved what anyone who enters a beauty competition aims for -- visibility and name recognition -- in spades. She's also become a heroine to the transgender community in the process. Good for her. The organizers of Miss Universe Canada should have given her first place just for the massive free PR she provided. (One official conceded "a lot of factors" go into deciding who gets the title -- including who stands a chance at the international level.)

    One caveat: This is not an unadulterated human-rights triumph. Talackova won reinstatement for one reason alone: she's undeniably hot. If she'd been the tiniest bit manly, or less buxom, or lacking anything in feminine appeal, the disqualification would have stood. Because beauty pageants are inherently discriminatory. The rule may be unwritten, but it's Rule No. 1 and it's rigidly enforced: No uglies or fatties need apply!

    Talackova happens to be stunning enough to overwhelm the gut reaction of all but the most diehard anti-LGBT yahoo. Surely, if gender-reassignment surgery can work this well, God is cool with it. Still, it must be a fun time to be a neuron in the pleasure centers of their brains as they grapple with their now thoroughly confused and troubling emotions.

    For that image alone, thank you, Miss Talackova.


    The only thing that remains is to break the glass ceiling in... curling.

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