A Caucus Race? + Belarus, Kyrgyz, HK...


    Belarus: personal stories from a country in turmoil – documentary https://t.co/mdkuj3tE2Q

    — Hanna (@Hanna54544377) October 7, 2020

    Highlighting US (Trump) silence 

    Leading her "Be Best" initiative by example, immigrant Fluffer Lady Of The United States calls out her husband's former "Porn Hooker". pic.twitter.com/4yjrfwpM1i

    — Free Belarus News (Eng.) (@BelarusMiniInfo) October 7, 2020

    Kyrgyzstan turns dark


    Very heavy shelling and thousands fleeing the violence in Nagorno-Karabakh says our correspondent @cntrentF24, but she says local people in Azerbaijan seem very committed to see the war through. #NagornoKarabakh #Azerbaijan #Armenia #F24 pic.twitter.com/u2QpTJhgxp

    — Stuart Norval (@StuartNorval) October 6, 2020

    Matthew Bryza ( @BryzaMatthew ) former ambassador to Azerbaijan analyzes the latest developments on the ongoing Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region
    Find full interview: https://t.co/Lux0b7gL31 pic.twitter.com/x6XcyvgGx0

    — ANews (@anewscomtr) October 7, 2020

    Karabakh displaced 

    (Trump buddies Alijev, Erdogan & Assad aligned - what could go wrong?)



    Karabakh explainer, deep dive 


    (see other regional histories such as an excellent one on Russia:

    https://geohistory.today/origins-of-russia-pt1/ )

    Kyrgyz reposts


    interesting point along the lines of "not our father's Cold War": Embattled strongman undermines his usefulness to Beijing by alienating West


    lest we forget, we hear from a member of a most famous American celeb family of Armenian heritage:

    From just this video, though, I wonder if the makeup budget for her and her sisters could furnish everything Armenians need?


    Try Cher instead - even does earthquake relief, though her Evian bill might outpace Kim's makeup. Fortunately she's cryogenically orserved, so actually looks *younger* than a Kardashian. And as a Grade A cougar, I suspect she put the Men in Armenia.

    14-pt Kyrgyz background thread


    Re: the Covid-free claim actually would be possible if you just let everyone catch it and have a massive death rate because they are on permanent lockdown for decades there. Just sayin. The real herd mentality thing.

    Improving everyday life or preparing for the next war?

    (can't the Chinese go the other direction?)

    Still, I've been thru some of these ravines - quite a lot of work.


    Sviatlana sends ultimatum

    Kyrgyz pores resigns

    you forgot Thailand:

    It's an ellipsis, smartass... (signifying "more to come, don't touch that, er, dial)

    Police explosions in Minsk

    Belarus - chasing a solution

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