The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    The Christ with a thousand faces


    Elites of a crumbling empire entranced by a cult fixated on a criminal brutalized to death, preaching a gospel obsessed with the salvation of the oppressed, whose fervent adepts desecrate the symbols of civic authority.

    Rome or the US?

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    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) August 24, 2021



    It's progress if minorities move ahead - kind of like transition period after Mandela - that hopy-changey thing came with quotas. Kind of a reverse Henry Ford - "any color but white". Then again ANC under Winny didn't look much better in De Klerk's time. 

    8 billion people on the planet, you can always find someone saying something stupid.
    That doesn't make it a movement.

    I still think he's right that Woke is very much like a religion, one that has take over a lot of higher educational institutions in the West. And therefore a lot of educated elites of the millennial generation are believers and the ones who are activists on social media and elsewhere are prosletyzers.

    Examples outside of higher education: they caste him out from Apple , Yglesias and Ezra Klein left Vox out of choice, because they couldn't stand following the precepts of the religion no more. Likewise all the signers of The Atlantic "letter" disagree on many other things but agree on not being able to follow the religion.

    Any company that is requiring sensitivity or inclusion training is trying to introduce the religion into their system.

    It's very like the Massachusetts Bay Colony under Cotton Mather, where no witches need apply. 

    You can get away with pretending to agree, but some people just don't like living like that and find alternative places where expressed belief in the religion is not required.

    Yeah, but "the case for no being born"? So jump.


    says true liberals need to fight zealots as they always have:

    Yeah, cuz abortion bans are the same as using alt pronouns and being shrill on race matters. Glad The Economist is on top of it for us - good timing.

    (This is of import to people like Edsal; because Kendi is like the pope of the Woke Church, or at the very least, a Cardinal)

    “In a striking reversal,” Chong wrote, “liberals are now consistently less tolerant than conservatives of a wide range of controversial speech about racial, gender and religious identities.”

    This ideological transition has been accompanied by the concentration of liberal elites in urban centers, Florida continued in an email, brought on by the dramatic shift to a knowledge economy, which expresses itself on the left as “wokeness” and on the right as populism. I worry that the middle is dropping out of American politics. This is not just an economic or cultural or political phenomenon, it is inextricably geographic or spatial as different groups pack and cluster into different kinds of communities.




    To quote Princess Bride, "As you wish"

    (was in my sights anyways)

    Nicely though-provoking review of John McWhorter's new book by the managing editor of Quillette:

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