Dem big-city mayors: switching from BLM "bullshit" woke to the Eric Adams pro-policing model, or not?

    Big news: San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed has just announced a major crackdown on crime, including open air drug dealing, car break-ins, & retail theft

    The plan contains much of what I & my colleagues @calif_peace have been advocating

    This is a big step in the right direction

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    San Francisco Mayor Breed has for years promised to crack down on drug dealing & crime, and things have only grown worse over, so skepticism is merited

    But Breed's plan lays out big goals and makes very specific promises, including new funding for policing.

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Most importantly, Breed frames her response just right: around the need for "tough love" not compassion-only

    Breed breaks from progressive crime denialists in saying "people aren't feeling safe" and "we need to change course on how we handle public safety."

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    "I'm proud this city believes in giving people second chances. Nevertheless, we also need there to be accountability when someone does break the law...Our compassion cannot be mistaken for weakness or indifference."

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    "I was raised by my grandmother to believe in 'tough love' — in keeping your house in order — and I believe we need a little of that, now more than ever."

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Breed stresses law enforcement:

    "We will not just increase the resources needed for public health... We will devote the law enforcement personnel & attention they have asked for, and that is required, to end the culture of tolerance for illegal, unhealthy & unsafe behavior"

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    And there it is: more money for cops, made real by a supplemental budget request

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Again, this is not the end of the story. Many progressives are likely resist this at every step.

    But this could be the beginning of the end. Breed will need the public's support to do the right thing.

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    The good news for Breed is that the political winds are blowing her way

    Crime is killing @JoeBiden approval rating and is set to cause sweeping political defeats for Democrats

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    What's required now is real change, which starts with what Breed said, demanding that accountability accompany compassion at every turn

    Leadership is needed to make sure social workers and police work together to shut down open drug scenes

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021


    SF Mayor @LondonBreed has literally just called bullshit on progressive criminal justice reformers

    “It is time for the reign of criminals to end. It comes to an end when are more aggressive with law enforcement & less tolerant of all the BULLSHIT that has destroyed our city”

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Breed's remarks are very similar to those by former Philadelphia Mayor @Michael_Nutter

    Moderate Dems are seizing a political opportunity in the widening public backlash to crime and Wokeism

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Here’s former Philly Mayor @Michael_Nutter denouncing “white wokeness” and “white privilege” for resulting in more homicide and crime

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    Will progressives denounce SF Mayor @LondonBreed — who is black & was raised in public housing, whose sister died of drug overdose, and whose brother was in prison — of wanting to "cage" black people?

    Will SF progressive DA Chesa Boudin go along with Breed's plan?

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021

    And... there it is. A straight-up denial of the crime crisis

    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 15, 2021


    — Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 15, 2021

    Virtual crime, no safe spaces left

    Chicago's Lightfoot going from bad to worse?


    as for all cities in NY State and CA:

    Incoming Mayor @ericadamsfornyc assailed members of @NYCCouncil for sending letter asking him to reverse position on solitary confinement:

    "I wore a bullet proof vest for 22 years and protected the people of this city. When you do that, then you have the right to question me..."

    — Gloria Pazmino (@GloriaPazmino) December 21, 2021

    Responding to criticism of his comments from last week, @ericadamsfornyc says he does not support solitary confinement, which he says is inhumane, says "I support punitive segregation" for violent inmates. "If you are violent you must be removed from population," he says.

    — Ben Max (@TweetBenMax) December 21, 2021

    Adams responding to pushback from returning/incoming Council members & others. He indicates his comments were not portrayed accurately, that he is talking about a difference b/w solitary confinement & punitive segregation, says the latter can be done humanely.

    — Ben Max (@TweetBenMax) December 21, 2021

    Adams asks why those Council members didn't call him to discuss before he had to learn of the letter in the media. Says none of the signers wore a bullet proof vest for decades protecting the city like he did, so he knows a lot more about public safety.

    — Ben Max (@TweetBenMax) December 21, 2021

    She's a Dem, 62 years old, law degree, sworn into office Jan. 2019. She reps. PA district 5, which includes part of south Philly.

    Fox News national is playing it up big time, updated 4 hrs. ago:

    Democratic congresswoman who sponsored police 'reform' bill carjacked in crime-surging Philadelphia

    Scanlon was the second elected Democrat to be carjacked in a major city in 24 hours

    [....] Scanlon was not the first prominent Democratic official to be carjacked in a crime-ridden city in the last 24 hours. On Tuesday night, Illinois’ Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford and her husband were carjacked in Broadview, Illinois, in the Chicago area, where crime has been surging [....]


    NBC reported 7 hrs. ago: 5 in custody after Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon carjacked at gunpoint in Philadelphia

    Exactly what many Philadelphians are going to think:

    ^ can I just say - because it's been bugging me - so much for tribal political allegiance by skin color

    this is a very valid argument not just bloviating Republican talking points for political effect:

    You know why NY’s ‘recovery’ isn’t happening? This photo today on the E Train at 6:45am at 42nd & 8th says it all. Why should working people & tourists be subjected to this? How’s it fair to those who need services? Imagine the cops’ frustration with no support to deal with it!

    — Bill Bratton (@CommissBratton) December 22, 2021

    The new Mayor & Police Commissioner have their work cut out for them trying to fix this mess our political leadership & DAs have created by tying the hands of the NYPD. We fixed this 30 years ago when Eric Adams was a Transit cop. It’s going to be a lot more difficult in 2022.

    — Bill Bratton (@CommissBratton) December 22, 2021

    if you disagree than you shouldn't be agreeing with the lefties either who believe green spaces will help bad neighborhoods - that's the same argument

    I think this is the main thing going on - it's threatening to tourist types and middle class types in that it brings reality right up in their face of dangerous lives. If high crime happens mostly in certain neighborhoods, and they don't actually see it, they can just block it out and go on with things as normal. This way reality hits them in the face.and don't want to go there. Yes, in NYC and other big cities there's always been a demi-monde contingent, including tourists, that finds "slumming" exciting, but there's not enough of them with money to pay the bills.

    Left unsaid - this is a major Republican talking point and a convincing sales pitch to many:

    Nothing else needs to be said:

    Hours after politicians and police concluded a street corner conversation about crime in Lakeview on Wednesday evening, at least 14 people fell victim to armed robbery crews that swept across the area.

    Time to stop talking?

    Pic: @RepAnnWilliams

    — CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) December 17, 2021


    AOC, unfortunately, is still pushing a "defund" meme, and spinning it, too:

    It's a literary device making a piece ("robo dogs") stand for the total (police funding/approach to policing). Perhaps cut AIC some slack and try to remember what policing looked like before Iraq when we didn't try (and succeed) to make the police all action SWAT heroes with deadly force first using surplus war supplies. And perhaps she should just say "more police. idea in the street who know how to communicate and think outside their taser". I'm certainly not against force, but I suspect police budgets have been more affected by Netflix and HBO than real life conditions and solutions. If course the politics flows that way too - if the public is deluded, you're not going to get far debating facts in the face of a tsunami of disinfo. Somewhere as Malcolm Gladwell hinted must be reams of studies on what actually works in policing and social cohesion, something that's not found in "the Social Network" and ... (Mark Hamill police program - ok, Mark Harmon NCIS, not Star Wars). Yesterday I saw a new Wellness startup that was all about the equilibrium and happiness a well-tuned suite of mobile apps will bring to your new life. Sure, Jan. Oh, and anyone remember 2009 when the solution to the crash was to bail out banks and Detroit investors, while leaving personal bailouts off the table as they faced robo foreclosures? What happened when all that property safety net and investment in one's community went away? So defunding the police is a naive take, but so is much of the other shit that passes for adult conversation on the topic, gun nuts enabling slaughter in the streets through unrestricted firepower in the name of "self defense against tyranny" being foremost.

    Whatever. Here's how this one Dem colleague is messaging and I am pretty sure he knows all about what she said and the similar things other Squad types are saying:

    Congressman @Tom_Suozzi holding a press conference at Penn Station talking about the increase in crime:

    “I came here the other day and it was terrifying. I mean, it was really a scary environment”

    Suozzi took the train to get to this press conference today

    — Morgan Mckay (@morganfmckay) December 29, 2021

    .@Tom_Suozzi says that there needs to be a long term plan to address crime, specifically at Penn Station and “dealing with the homeless”

    “This facility has to be a premier transportation hub, it's the busiest commuter railroad in America.”

    — Morgan Mckay (@morganfmckay) December 29, 2021

    “I have great sympathy for the homeless, but it's scary for commuters,” @Tom_Suozzi says. “There's been a great increase in crime here, I'm not saying it's directly related to the homeless, because there’s been a tremendous increase in crime throughout New York City”

    — Morgan Mckay (@morganfmckay) December 29, 2021

    .@Tom_Suozzi, who is running for Governor, takes a shot at @GovKathyHochul saying she “has never lived in New York City.”

    “She's never commuted on the Long Island Railroad. She's got to come here and see this facility and walk around”

    — Morgan Mckay (@morganfmckay) December 29, 2021


    Whatevs backatcha - robodogs are probably not the solution for homeless sleeping on subways - nor surplus Iraq/Afghanistan equipment - (tho potentially they could be - but often our overoptimistic view of tech makes us rush to use some glitzy new solution before it's ready at the expense of more mundane but workable approaches - robo pitbulls tearing sleepers to pieces might not go well, but sniffing around a prone body may be less provocative than a police officer - tho what in practice would happen is prolly not so magical). 

    About 30 years ago I lived in Bethlehem PA with a exceptional young flautist. She went to NYC once a month to study with a famous flute player/teacher. I drove us there, parked the car near where he lived in Brooklyn. After her lesson we took the subway to museums, shopping districts, jazz bars later in the evening. Then took the subway back to our car, usually after midnight. We did this every month for at least two years. Of course we were "scared" about going to the big city but we never had a bad experience using the subway. If there was a homeless person sleeping on the trains it was so rare and benign that I can't even recall if we ever saw one. Apparently things have changed and those changes surely would have affected our behavior in the city. We would definitely have spent less time and subsequently less money in the city if the subway was scary to use.

    GOOD RIDDANCE, DE BLASIO! As they just said live on CNN from Times Square as they introduced a clip of Eric Adams being sworn in as NYC Mayor right after midnight: if there was anything Democrats and Republicans agreed on, it was that DeBlasio sucked:


    p.s. Just to be perfectly clear:

    Oh lookit the new Presidential talking points on topic! (Found retweeted by Yglesias):

    Watch live: Dearborn swears in Abdullah Hammoud, city's first mayor of Arab descent

    — Detroit Free Press (@freep) January 15, 2022

    ....Abdullah Hammoud, a state legislator born to immigrants from Lebanon, defeated Gary Woronchak, a veteran politician, in November.

    Hammoud is the first Muslim to be elected mayor of the city, long known for its sizable population with roots in the Middle East....

    I looked it up: both Hammoud and Wronochak are Democrats

    Incoming Dearborn mayor calls for unity, spending cuts amid transition

    Niraj Warikoo

    Detroit Free Press

    The incoming mayor of Dearborn has assembled a transition team that is working on plans to reorganize city government while also promoting unity after an election season that at times became divisive.  

    Mayor-elect Abdullah Hammoud, currently a state House representative for  Dearborn, takes office next month, the first new mayor of the city of 110,000 residents since 2006. Hammoud last month defeated Gary Woronchak, a former state representative and Wayne County commissioner [....]

    Hammoud is a self-described policy nerd with two masters degrees and child of immigrants. He ran on Covid-19 Recovery, Property Tax and Road Safety. He doesn't mention policing on his campaign website. Woronchak did mention it under PUBLIC SAFETY A PRIORITY, he said he's a proponent of "community policing."

    To be clear, the "Sedition Squad" citizen posse providing valuable evidence for Jan 6 via massive curating is doing "community policing". There is a role for greater community involvement, but it doesn't replace feets in the streets.

    FWIW, more grist for the analyze the vote-by-skin-color mill:

    On MLK Day, the "language of the unheard" thing very nicely clarified: Everytime a riot develops, it helps George Wallace.

    45 years ago white kids had this... what the hell happened?

    just for fun

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