DoJ Flynn Kraziness IV - Advanced Circuitry

    Long but worth it explanation onf Mandamus & options (including Marty's prior piece linked within)



    Marty was too polite to mention that unless learned counsel was a total schmuck, the DoJ would not make these arguments unless it were merely laying the groundwork for the Trump pardon to cloak itself in virtue for the rubes, OR as part of the "believe this preposterous lie as bitch slap"  apparat, in this case the prospective bitch is John Roberts (the other four having already fully given it up...)


    One of the worst aspect of Trump is how his foul insistence on your reporting rain whe he pisses on you has echoed throughout the federal bureaucracy with catastrophic ressulting incompetence.

    Gleeson *BATTERS* Flynn (& Trump)

    Powell is getting push back from even Rao.

    Wall lost it with saying a judge couldnt complain if a prosecutor was dismissing for a friend, or that He could quickly ask fór a writ of Mandamus too. I wonder if all those unjustified Brady claims will bite Powell. Also, since when does prosecution rather than judge control contempt charges?

    I think Wall had his back more up against the selfsame with Henderson pressing why Sullivan should not complete the hearings as promptly scheduled.

    None of the judges got into the weeds regarding the abandoning of a guilty plea as an "Article 3" matter. Wall stayed away from that sort of thing while Powell doubled down upon it.

    That Rao made such a big deal about Amicae when the other judges did not suggests a differential in their rulings. 

    Emptywheel responds but I think her observation does not get Wall's argument quite right. Wall is arguing that if even if there is something funky going on here, District Court is the wrong place to argue about it.

    I wager the pointed questions about why the DOJ did not also file a plea for Mandamus will enter into the decisions.


    wow, Increase Mather risen from the grave, witches and papists around every corner, pray!

    Was it writzen by human hand?

    It's quite satisfying watching the hoaxsters and these third rate lawyers writhe in demonic agony as their most prominent frame-up is dismantled before their eyes. 

    If Powell hadn't taken his case pro bono and Barr appointed a US Attorney from outside the swamp to investigate he wouldn't have had a chance to expose the truth. If the government doesn't write him a very big check he has a Civil Rights case against the perps who framed him and they can strip them of every dime they possess. 

    So Flynn didnt work for the Turks even as he entered the NSA position?

    He didnt discuss with Russia avoiding responding to the US government's sanctions for hacking the US election?

    He didnt report back to Trump but withhold evidence from the FBI that He did?

    Flynn didnt lie to the FBI plus withhold the truth despite multiple helpful promptings, despite every kid who ever watched Joe Gannon on Dragnet knowing this is illegal?

    Mike Flynn, General and intelligence expert and incoming National Security Advisor, with 30 years of experience, could lie like a motherfucker to the FBI, plead guilty *twice*, and then change his kind because he was "misled"? Well if he's so fucking stupid how did he rise to the top and how would he "advise" against far more cunning And antagonistic forileign enemies who *wouldn't* drop hints and refresh his memory?

    How fucking low and stupid can you go, Nonny? Civil Rights case my ass - He should be imprisoned with Trump for conspiring with the enemy. Get stuffed. This isnt a coopted rightwing fanboi site. Flynn Is a convicted criminal who's lucky he didnt get 20 years.

    As a result of the Apocalyptic world-view of your interlocutor, challenging his or her statements with evidence to the contrary is to advance upon an undefended position. The claims made by the Horse with No Name are always couched in the vernacular of the future; The illusion of present appearances will be torn away in coming days; The snowflakes will melt with the arrival of Spring; The enemies of God will gnash their teeth, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    This emphasis upon future revelation is reflected in the hysterical style of Devin Nunes, who has been promising the impending light of cleansing justice since the first days of the Trump administration. He is still hard at it, hobbling from Dobbs to Dobbs like a latter day Jeremiah proclaiming light at the end of the tunnel via Revelations 18:8.

     Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

    Welcome to the Branch Covidians. Please pay the receptionist on the way out.

    Bring on The Rapture - I'm ready. Got my own raptors.

    I view eschatology as a form of revenge porn that weakens the power of the Logos and the teachings of the Good Book. 

    I'm not religious but its' language is the only tool available to describe the evil  being displayed by the mob today. When a soulless commie quotes the Bible it does send a spiritual chill down my spine.

    The Nunes Memo was ridiculed by the Marxist Mob and the deep state with their quislings tried to destroy him. They failed and everything in that memo has been verified and documented. 

    Does Marcy still brag about being a stooge informant for the FBI providing 'evidence' to further the Collusion Delusion? I'd love to read that 302 or listen to those FBI Agents laugh about the day they had to interview the lady in the tin-foil hat'

    They failed and everything in that memo has been verified and documented. 

    You refer constantly to this collection of verified documents but dismiss all challenges to review them as such. You declare that x number of things have been proven to be the case but make no effort to convince anybody other than yourself that they are true.

    I'm not religious but its' language is the only tool available to describe the evil  being displayed by the mob today.

    It is not the only language available to you. You have just admitted that you use ideas to express things that are not a part of your experience or set of beliefs. I take umbrage at such a casual renting of words.

    It's the nonsensical use of slurs that irks me-i.e., using "commie" when it makes zero sense. It's like: does this person have aphasia, did they mean another word? or have they been in a coma for 50 yrs. and don't get the zeigeist? It's anti-communication. Maybe that's the point? Seriously: confusing babble may be the point? 

    Edit to add: "When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master—that's all."

    It is other things than the following but the use of such rhetoric is also this:

    My over-the-top use of description of (what have you) is equal to your description. Why? Because, for "me", your description is "over-the-top." So that is an argument against whatever you are arguing about because I am equally offended. Our armies of mutual offense will meet in battle even when initial offense is forgotten or perhaps prefigured in a fitful dream.

    If all an agent cares about is diverting the discussion from the initial one, what happens later on is moot.

    I see Titus is funning with the syndrome, must get a lot of feedback from this type of troll:

    That sort of thing is germane. But I don't think it helps accentuate the crisis we are subtending.

    In my mind, the struggle here is whether there can be a realm of shared experiences where all of us have to respond to as a people or will we splinter into groups of separate facts where experiences are merely expressions of political ideas.

    Art, this is embarrassing , you're reduced to quoting Titus? He was funny once but is now a woke buffon.

    Jefferson, Adams and Washington died long before fascism existed

    JFK, Reagan and Trump were/are anti-left wing ideologies of all types including Fascism.

    Titus did leave out FDR perhaps because he knows that FDR was a great admirer of the Fascists until they joined the Axis. 

    Art, I could use other terms af endearment such as fellow traveler or useful idiot but commie best describes the road you walk, the tactics you use and the personalities you promote. You may hedge by playing the Good Liberal but overall you resemble the Good German.

    Why should anybody care why you call one thing this and that another? You are beyond reproach.

    I view eschatology as a form of revenge porn that weakens the power of the Logos and the teachings of the Good Book. 

    In view of your use of the language of demons, it is incumbent upon you to explain how influence upon individual souls relates to what you ascribe as "Marxism."

    In Martin Luther King's writings, the argument against "Marxist" ideas about material conditions hinged upon the recognition that people were not just a sum of the influences they underwent but a matter personal choices made by a lot of people at the same time. And these personal choices could be a gathering place of collective expression.

    If all gathering of shared views is "Marxist" by default, then you have undercut the very idea of a Republic as an alternative to absolute rulers. 

    I confront demons not copy them. The language in the King James Bible is a powerful tool to confound these creatures.

    Commies quoting the Bible is very creepy as is Collectivists warping Martin's words to fit their woke agenda.

    But you cannot speak just for yourself. It is all about these other people who talk.

    You are taking a mantle of authority as lightly as a sweater upon a cool September day.

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
    "When I was but a child I did childish things; but when I became an adult..." (Through the Glass Darkly passage)
    "It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven".
    "The Sun riseth and the Sun setteth, and proceedeth around to when it rose" (Nothing new under the sun)
    Where's this brilliant scripture you're quoting?

    You mention the King James version! So from that I can presume you are trying to communicate in English?

    Art, you wound me with your slings and arrows but I'll take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing iit end them.

    But you cannot speak for yourself. Only through the lens of people who you already have marked as not speaking for yourself.

    Jonathan Chait is on the same page regarding the General Ripper reference. As Chait says: " his argument is difficult to rebut." This feature reflects the other half of what Samuel Johnson had in mind when he said:

    Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    As Karen Carpenter nearly said, self-professed patriots along with self-professed agents of God, always get me down.

    Along with her fascinated homage to charismatic totalitarian leaders, Superstar, as well as the Maoist: "Just like me, the crowd longs to be Close To You"

    Soooo, can I please point out an inexplicable prosecutorial inconsistency? DOJ prosecutors are still going after Mike Flynn’s criminal business partner, Bijan Rafiekian. In their latesest brief, prosecutors say Flynn is a co-conspirator in . . .

    — Glenn Kirschner (@glennkirschner2) June 14, 2020

    Barr breaks 1st Amendment

    (not a Flynn item)

    [click to see full thread. The Bolton implications for Flynn are pretty astounding.]

    Appeals Court Backs Flynn - wait to see if Sullivan asks fór en banc

    (Court awards DoJ Mandamus *even though DoJ didnt ask for it*, Flynn/Powell did.

    Quite the shitshow.

    It's a great day for American justice and perhaps a turning point. Today's picture is Gen. Flynn smiling and flashing the V for victory sign.

    This court decision was expected but the release of Peter Strzok"s notes  from Jan. 2017 was a surprise Now there is documented evidence that Barry O ordered the 'Right People' to set up the framing of Flynn and China Joe proposed using the Logan Act. 

    The fallback lie/smear that Flynn was working for the Turkish government will continue but no evidence has been produced that the Turkish government paid anything to the group Flynn worked for in Holland.

    Because the decision was made upon the basis of regularity, the facts involved along with the previous arguments by the DOJ are now moot.

    Will this decision become a precedent for others?

    Still waiting for en banc.

    Is there a fat lady in the house?

    The en banc hearing is on.

    You know where to go to get more details...

    It's a little late after three and a half years of overzealous probes/coverups witch-hunts to stop now. These tactics did work to distract and delay the truth about the Obama/Biden use of republic-threatening corruption.  

    How zealously would you probe Barack & Michelle hosting Putin's lawyer privately at home during a campaign? How zealously would you probe Hillary calling the Russian Ambassador to reverse Bush sanctions? How zealously would you probe Obama campaign head David Axelrod giving polling info to a known Putin oligarch? How closely would you probe the National Teachers Union regularly meeting with a young cute Russian lobbyist, posing with her, having her meet the leadership, various too Dem congressmen, even sleeping with 1 or 2? How zealously would you probe Podesta meeting with Russian hackers? How zealously would you probe Susan Rice working for the Turks and Saudis in the weeks before Obama took office, especially if She lied about it after?

    Show on other foot, can only imagine. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi

    I've finally come to understand ... [you dont understand anything- if you have something real to say, say it intelligently - otherwise get the fuck off our lawn - PP]

    Did I trigger the Beast with no golf balls?

    No, you acted like an asshole. Grow up or go the fuck away. Or both.

    Barr evades Congress but

    Barr ties to SEC deal

    Barr turns to Stone (sadly not literally)

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