GOP/DoJ/Trump Corruption Clearance Sale

    Going quick, need everything out by Jan 20


    Acosta-Epstein "poor judgment" understatement
    Now investigate OPR
    And of course Ghislaine Maxwell comes up at some point (long after Trump's out though - unless he pardons her)

    Epstein's nude underage photo -

    "Nothing to see here" - FBI/Acosta+

    ugh the nightmare that kid's home life must be, just the one sentence says it all.

    Using only teh top graduates of the Michael-Cohen-Four-Seasons-Landscaping Memorial School of Law:

    Stones illegal Stop the Steal from 2016

    lol if Daniel says this, it's at raving lunatic stage, maybe this is the karma thing where he gets hauled off in a straitjacket?

    Trump is tweeting absolutely bonkers lies about the election. It is bad.

    — Daniel Dale (@ddale8) November 16, 2020

    Why can't somebody do a sort of chemical 25th amendment until Jan. 20?


    If white pride is the goal, a white suit in a white padded cell in a white sanitorium may make him and them and us all... happy!

    viral harassment of the mentally ill: "NO YOU DIDN'T"

    Trump sells out Afghanistan?

    Nunes "midnight run" conspirators rewarded?

    Glenn Kirschner:

    Uncle Vanya has Chekov to fall back on - farce.

    Trump only has Uncle Remus and Babe's Blue Ox.

    Wrong culture.

    Egypt, Kislyak - Trump on hook

    And earluer - when Don ran out of $$$:

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