"Here be humans"


    "Southern. With complications."


    Sista Souljahed

    as an alternative, one can do tribal victim olympics:

    The background to NHJ’s current historiographical interventions is actually quite a bit weirder than that, rooted in a set of apparently-never-disavowed Afrocentric pseudo-archaeological beliefs that seem to have been derived from the work of Ivan Van Sertima. https://t.co/ZKprIGRG3z

    — Nils Gilman (@nils_gilman) October 1, 2022

    Given how some have critiqued the 1619 Project for marginalizing the place of Native Americans in colonial (particularly 17th century) history, it’s worth noting that Van Sertima was himself accused of “robbing” and “diminishing” Native American cultures: https://t.co/o4Xcnkbb1t

    — Nils Gilman (@nils_gilman) October 1, 2022

    (money is green)

    Kind of using white ppl as an ATM. Jes sayin'

    "white" is simply a bad word. Esp followed by "male"


    Leaves me wondering: how did it happen that the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center became the new Oxford Dictionary of the English language?

    As an alternative, Chloe here is selling her body

    Just sayin what's right in front of your eyes.

    I'm sure her mother loves her.

    Presumably someone finds this sexy. Her analist?

    yeah, he's just like Trump

    still going for the green:

    turns out "the Jews" thing was just the last straw for Adidas:

    Victim Olympics currently trending on Twitter with The Jews. Here's the current top item:

    same theme:

    all sides really can play in this game.

    Here's a reference to Marjorie Taylor Greene, her playing is now among the greatest hits of all time:

    Here's an interesting one that includes them as part of a huge victim group

    no doubt about it, Victim Olympics sells:

    not fellow humans but "kuffars"

    ...Del Vecchio and Patel were arrested at their home, 18 miles from the murder scene, on February 15, 2018, after detectives traced a link to their mobile phones from their victims. Jackson, who rented a room in their home, was arrested a month later.

    WhatsApp and Telegram messages also found on their phones added an unexpected twist to the killings. On February 9 the suspects discussed preparing to “kill the kuffar and abduct their alias, to destroy infrastructure and to put fear in the heart of the kuffar”. They also described the couple as “prey” who were ripe for a good “hunt”.

    The development prompted the Foreign Office to issue a warning about a possible terrorism threat in South Africa. Detectives found Islamic State pamphlets and a flag at the defendants’ house at the time of the arrest, according to local reports at the time.

    South Africa is Africa’s most industrialised country, and 2 per cent of the population is Muslim. It has never suffered a major Islamist attack but has become a hub of dirty money financing terrorism in southern and east Africa. Its weak security institutions, porous borders and rising lawlessness have led to large-scale trafficking of drugs, arms and people as terrorist groups seek to fill their war chests.

    According to official reports, the couple’s remains were recovered after being eaten by crocodiles. Local fishermen said that remnants of their sleeping bags, including zippers, were seen in the teeth of crocodiles months after the bodies were retrieved from the water....



    — Peas (@Peasweat2) October 5, 2022

    What's especially amazing to me here is what religion/ideology can do. Because Muslims are only 2% of the population there, so to these two, 98% of the population around them do not have the same rights to life that they do.

    Not at Ithaca College, there they will be beings signified by their skin color:

    More here on my other thread

    He's not a pedophile; the left headlines are stupidly playing up that he was near a school, when what he tells the officer is the thing they should be paying more attention to:

    furthermore, I'd advise not getting all hypocritical about it until they start deleting it on places like Twitter

    not a pretty picture of a 405 freeway overpass:

    Basically why the state of Israel exists -

    Curious if epigenetics actually shows a marker for such trauma imprinted in Jewish genes.

    Opinion: American Jews start to think the unthinkable

    By , Columnist | @WashingtonPost.com, Oct. 28

    On the holiest night of the Jewish year earlier this month, my rabbi looked up from his Kol Nidre sermon — a homily about protecting America’s liberal democracy — and posed a question that wasn’t in his prepared text: “How many people in the last few years have been at a dining room conversation where the conversation has turned to where might we move? How many of us?”

    He was talking about the unthinkable: that Jews might need to flee the United States. In the congregation, many hands — most? — went up.

    The sermon included a quotation from the Jewish scholar Michael Holzman: “For American Jews, the disappearance of liberal democracy would be a disaster. … We have flourished under the shelter of the principles behind the First Amendment, and we have been protected by the absolute belief in the rule of law. Without these, Jews, start packing suitcases.”

    The fear of exile has become common as Jews see the unraveling rule of law, ascendant Christian nationalists and anti-Israel sentiments turning antisemitic on the far left. Wondering where Jews might move “is among the most frequently asked questions that I get,” Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the Anti-Defamation League, told me.

    ncidents of antisemitic harassment, vandalism and assault nearly tripled between 2015 and 2021, the ADL reports, and it says 2022 attacks are on pace with last year’s record level. This week was the fourth anniversary of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, which was followed by other synagogue attacks in 2019 and earlier this year. One in 4 U.S. Jews has experienced antisemitism in the past year.

    Now we have Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, unleashing a torrent of filth on social media (“death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE”), white supremacists applauding him (and giving Nazi salutes to Los Angeles motorists), Elon Musk’s Twitter preparing to welcome white supremacists, and the Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee deploying antisemitism against his Jewish opponent [.....]

    Called attention to the above by this tweet:

    As the criminal Trump and his co-conspirators in the @GOP openly promote antisemitism and other forms of hate, American Jews start to wonder if it's time to flee the country before we go full fascist. https://t.co/MTjrTHvbda

    — Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) October 29, 2022

    after noticing this one yesterday:

    Talk is cheap.
    It's open season on Jews in Brooklyn and elsewhere and you won't respect our right to self-defense.
    I don't think you're an antisemite, but your policies are.
    Vote @leezeldin. https://t.co/1lxBmIf11c

    — Marc Leibowitz (@Marc_Leibowitz) October 29, 2022

    from the end of a long thread I posted elsewhere

    Josh Marshall on Kanye:

    The last few weeks have been especially fun because I learned I am not actually North African because I’m not black and I’m not the religion I know that I am because I’m not black. To hell with afrocentrists, seriously.

    — eden (@edenamrai) November 6, 2022

    The consequences of a people stripped of its roots without the tools or know-how to retrace its history has been a disaster. https://t.co/z9sX0Obsx0

    — eden (@edenamrai) November 6, 2022

    I also think there is an information availability/capability asymmetry - there is too much information floating around for people that are unable to parse it, and possibly too little relevant information available for those that can.

    — eden (@edenamrai) November 6, 2022

    they're just sayin'

    Some interesting findings here with:

    — Conservative Americans are more anti-semitic than liberal ones.

    — Non-whites are more anti-semitic than whites.

    — Black and Hispanic conservatives are especially anti-semitic. https://t.co/uUL7caQtj5 pic.twitter.com/RZtovK3EVi

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 14, 2022

    Some fun implications for possible avenues of future GOP outreach to Black and Hispanic voters

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 14, 2022

    And yet https://t.co/DLH0fRj7qI

    — No Context Bitch (@fatwhorebitch) November 14, 2022

    anti-semitism is kinda special that way?

    plopping this interesting stat here because I don't know where else - 55% of Americans are still basically Christian believers:

    Shit, Connolly's gonna have half of India eating haggis & spouting lines from Braveheart in a few short weeks.

    I hope they don't believe in anything as silly as God parting the waters of a major sea so a bunch of refugee can walk across. Come to think of it, Republicans should be horrified - what happens if the Gulf of Mexico opens up? Or even the St. Lawrence?

    Some wonderful fruits of tribalism:

    'Splainer excerpted from

    The Insecure Prime Minister and his Amhara Phobia byTigist Bekka @ borkena.com,  November 22, 2022

    [....] Abiy Ahmed’s Amhara Phobia 

    Not only is Abiy Ahmed afraid of his political rivals, but he is also obsessed with the Amhara people as an ethnic group, just like some members of the Oromo political elite. Bekele Gerba announced in 2019 on Ethio Forum, a now-defunct YouTube channel that was owned by the TPLF, that he suffers from Amhara phobia. In their distorted belief, these insecure Oromos are convinced that the Amhara will displace them one day, unless the Amharas are continually harassed, threatened, intimated, humiliated, oppressed, terrorized, even massacred. Abiy Ahmed is one of them. The crimes committed against the Amhara people today are crimes of insecurity by the Oromo elite.

    His government has never brought to justice the perpetrators of the heinous crimes against the Amhara people. There is widespread suspicion that government officials are directly involved in the crimes committed against the Amharas throughout Ethiopia. No official who facilitated or participated in the systematic killings of the Amharas in Oromia or Benishangul has been brought to justice. 

    The Amharas have been prevented from entering Addis Ababa, in their own country, under the disguise of ‘security concerns’. The Amharas are being disarmed in Wollega so that they cannot defend themselves against the OLA or the other government-sponsored terrorist organizations. There is a plan to disarm the Amharas in the Amhara region so that they cannot defend themselves against the next round of invasion by the TPLF or OLA. Abiy Ahmed, indoctrinated in ethnic politics from a young age by the TPLF, steeped in the TPLF’s political intrigues of divide and rule, and ever obsessed with Amhara phobia, has engineered the intimidation, terrorization, brutalization, and killings of the Amharas. [....]


    oh boy, tribal claims over dead celebrity:

    Diversity Truthspeak for Conformity

    they're all British:

    London remained the most ethnically diverse region of England.

    36.8% of people identified as “White: English, Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish or British” in 2021 – down from 44.9% in 2011.

    — Office for National Statistics (ONS) (@ONS) November 29, 2022

    (Language unites - while accents of spoken language might sub-divide far more than skin color does. Comes to mind that the recent mass grieving for the Queen was related.)

    Increasingly and rapidly, Brits have no religion:

    Mho, that binds them too. Actually that's one of the things I like about all the northern countries, since the Reformation, not passionate believers in religion, that's a feature, not a bug!


    On supposed Afro-American tribal values, not tribal:


    He's defintely not a racist, that's for sure:

    Sorry, don't buy it.

    Someone's always gonna be at the bottom

    Sarah Silverman & Sean Lennon:

    Giving the actual numbers (events/mill*population)

    Jews 138*7.5m = 1050
    Blacks 54*50m = 2700
    Muslims 63*3.5m = 221
    Vancouver 2020 = 100 anti-Asian hate crimes (more than top 10 US cities combined?)

    On Ethiopian civil war, analyst opinion that Abiy manipulates tribalism but doesn't really believe in it:

    Sometimes it's good to fantasize about how we could all get along; I love this - it's goofy but I keep going back to it:

    If you include The Eagles you've lost Radio Free Tom and the Big Lebowski. (Actually Tom may be more against Led Zeppelin)

    a picture of assorted human genetics - guess which ones are the 'white' colonizer-imperialists now?cheeky

    Collective for Black Iranians
    A creative and critically conscious initiative proposing an Iranian culture that stands fully at its Black and African intersections    

    surprise taking a quick gander of their tweets, I suspect part of the raison d'etre here is that they are working under the presumption that "Black" is a synonym for "oppressed", and also possibly that "intersectionality" means anyone can be "Black" ?

    We are the descendants of Africans who were enslaved in America, but there is no denying that through slavery in America and everything that followed, we have become a new people.
    Mayor Eric Adams is being dishonest and disrespectful.
    This is treason. pic.twitter.com/srwDIIXEpH

    — DAP/ADOS TRIBE (@Black_Action) December 19, 2022

    Do whites in American run around saying, “I’m a European”?Even the whites who trace their roots to Europe know to claim a specific country in Europe. This imagery United States of Africa narrative is false and nonexistent.

    — whichwayisup (@deandrekstevens) December 20, 2022

    Why you caring what they do?

    — Sekou-Kamau a Gullah a Geechee & a Bama (@choobop22) December 21, 2022

    Because they have influence that effects millions.

    — whichwayisup (@deandrekstevens) December 21, 2022

    Eric Adams as Mayor of NYC has influence too. He was very deliberate in his choice of words and was sending a message. Many black people like me will embrace his words and some like yourself will not. But, at the end of the day. He said what he said and stands on it.

    — Sekou-Kamau a Gullah a Geechee & a Bama (@choobop22) December 21, 2022

    oh look it's "the Black community"

    and then there's lily white guys that *look like* racists:

    I choked up when the Walmart shopper said he is a Veteran #GivingBack #support #community #VegasStrong #Christmas pic.twitter.com/yqgg2yFanC

    — Getti (@gettishow) December 22, 2022


    more "the Black community" stuff:

    Tory Lanez’s father speaks outside of the courthouse, calling the ruling “wickedness,” and screaming “God does not lose,” after Tory was convicted in Megan Thee Stallion shooting
    Read More https://t.co/ZNchgBoewB#MeganTheeStallion #ToryLanez

    — The Music Industry Report (@tmirnews) December 24, 2022


    (where were those social workers?)

    The Philly judge who jailed Meek Mill has had all her criminal cases reassigned, kicking off a legal battle


    I love this part laugh

    This summer, Brinkley, who is Black, filed a gender and racial discrimination complaint against two supervising judges on the court, both of whom are also Black women.

    Ironic, but possible.

    Woke: White privilege causes the wage gap.

    Feminists: Male privilege causes the wage gap.

    Asian Women: What wage gap?https://t.co/x2pcjQpBEd pic.twitter.com/iIRPoKuJi7

    — The Rabbit Hole (@TheRabbitHole84) December 31, 2022

    edit to add two replies:

    thread admirably admitting mistakenly falling for BLM agitprop

    I believe many of us embraced the rallying call, "Black Lives Matter", as a genuine acknowledgement of a communal frustration abt strained police relations in some black-majority communities due to concerns of excessive police force & harassment.

    — Dr. Joel Brown FRSA (@JoelBrownMD) January 1, 2023

    after his thread, note his replies to repliers as well

    It was also antisemitic as well! The greatest cultural trojan horse I can think of in modern times.

    — Dr. Joel Brown FRSA (@JoelBrownMD) January 1, 2023


    — Dr. Joel Brown FRSA (@JoelBrownMD) January 1, 2023

    It's not just remarkable, it's a seriously sick obsession with skin color in 21st-century first-world culture:

    Nah, it's just same-old racism, tribalism, easy dismissal of "the other", or winning an argument thru whatever means. Most of our acts are not that profound or edgy. The banality of me-too.

    Disagree - tribalizing people by skin color and stereotyping is FAR MORE ABSURD, especially in the 21-st century, then doing it by ethnicity or citizenship or culture! It's the stuff of illiterate idiots from a millennia ago. Truly truly idiotic, foolish, counter-productive and self-defeating.

    Actually, the only place it makes sense is policing of criminals or runaways or unidentified victims, there you don't want to leave skin color out of your description, just as you don't want to leave out eye color, height and weight, fingerprints and DNA of course.

    "same-old" = "millennia ago". Nothing new here or extremely shocking, except that it's shocking there's nothing new here.

    The color of the skin of the participants has nothing to do with this. I see these tribes: the kid's parents are struggling immigrants; the kid is an Asperger's-type genius; the music teacher believes in the meritocracy of musical talent. None of that is "fair" either.


    I tried asking everyone to just STFU, but they wouldn't do it. Woke peeps are keeping me wok at night - even Harry, tho i mostly don't understand him.

    and lo and behold, the above got a racist to reply

    meanwhile Nanjiani still can't get villain roles, maybe it's all "the Jews" controlling Hollywood et. al., maybe he should get together with Kanye cheeky

    Sigh - there is a downside to having most villains be black, Arab-Persian-like, Mexican, or German-looking/sounding - Gary Oldman and Anthony Perkins not withstanding. (presumably Ted Levine, aka the transsexual "Buffalo Bill" is even Jewish, I'd guess.) Then again, we get more African-American good guys than any of those other groups.

    Excellent question:

    Privileged kids'll wanna stay up late on a school night - it's just begging for trouble, almost unnatural.

    Stringer Bell was going to night class to get his degree.

    No color code on that parchment. Even in Baltimore or LA.

    ah, makes clear that the problem (outside of Africa) is that there's too many White people, so P.O.C. can't always get a teacher, doctor, lawyer or accountant that matches their skin color and sub-culture:

    Commodity trading? Maybe use NFTs. 

    Hey, maybe there's something in my Souern roots I can apply towards this scarcity in manpower...

    better do whatever it is now cause this guy sounds ready to kill all those with the light skin:

    ah, here's a nice thread with some history of those *peace loving* Native American tribals (found retweeted by Brad De Long)

    What if you launched a war against your neighbours, not to gain land or treasure, but to forcibly create new people?

    The Iroquois Wars for Mourning, Grief, Revenge and Beavers in the 17th Century. pic.twitter.com/9WJA5LaEln

    — Stone Age Herbalist (@Paracelsus1092) January 8, 2023


    Believe it or not, boomers used to have history like this in high school textbooks. All forgotten now. Columbus and the other European *colonizers* are the only evil ones - that's a much simpler, easier-to-remember narrative, comes in handy when you are at a protest and wanna tear down a statue or two. Nowadays *history* is like whaddaboutism to the max.

    More of the same. Amen to the Prof's tweet! Bout time! They were not children!

    Read this great book on the Lakota as an empire, with a strong ability to adapt and to assimilate other populations

    We need more books that treat Native American nations like we treat other societies, as people with politics and international relations pic.twitter.com/zZm6h99yqz

    — XLProfessor (@XLProfessor) February 11, 2023


    Aztecs were the misfits exiled to a garbage island in Mexico's huge swamp until they developed their baddassery enough to come back and slaughter their rivals in innovative cruel ways.


    Took armor to finally keep em down.

    Welcome to America.

    "The discrepancy" in the quoted tweet "is mostly due to the 'white, liberal guilt' effect. Rather than black people being unusually likely to exhibit in-group preference, white liberals are extraordinarily likely to exhibit in-group aversion."


    — Free Black Thought (@FreeBlckThought) February 20, 2023

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