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    Indivisible Fights TrumpCare: Standing With You All The Way


    TrumpCare is a moral monstrosity.

    The next steps are much harder—and we’re going to be there, every step of the way, until this bill collapses under the weight of its own lies and cruelty.

    New resources to fight back.

    This is our chance to provide feedback to our representatives.  If your MoC voted for TrumpCare, it is critical that YOU hold him/her accountable for every one of the terrible provisions in the bill. To help you make your voice heard, we’ve put together updated and new resources:



    Also, check out this 30 minute video of a Facebook live event held to answer your questions:


    We’re standing indivisible with you.




    Ducky this Kimmel thing is all over the web. But damn, he had me sobbing.

    And I am watching Seder(?) and they replay some CNN panel and the repub says that Kimmel was cheap.


    I could not believe it.

    But the repub continued saying:

    Well folks die.

    But a lot of folks do not have homes.

    Should the gov give all the homeless folks homes?

    Even the other repubs on this panel just reacted to the meanness of this prick.


    Oh and more on point up here we have Franken and Klobachar and our Congressman is Nolan (who already voted against this crap) ...

    Yes, we need to be heard.

    My only point was that this CNN prick was honest. I mean this prick thinks as a real repub at this time.




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